Abraham NEWTON, of Wivenhoe, Carpenter, 1711.  D/ACW 24/45

In the Name of God Amen: I Abraham Newton of
Wivenhoe in the County of Essex Carpenter being very weak of Body
but through the Blessing of God of Sound Understanding do make
this my last Will and Testamt in form and Manner following
Imprmis Commending my soul into the Hands of my Redeemr
and my body to decent Burial I give and bequeath to Sarah my
Loving Wife during the Term of her Natural Life all
and several the Dwelling Rooms where in I now live excepting
that upper Room which now is distinguished from the others
by the Name of the best chamber, and with these Rooms I
also give her during the said Term of her Natural Life
all the Goods in the said Rooms aforesaid both in the chambers
Parlour kitchin and Brewhouse excepting the Clock in the
Kitchin which I shall dispose of afterwards Likewise it
is my Will that what Goods she brought along with her when
I married her she shall have the sole disposal of when
she dyes. Item it is my Will and Pleasure shall my Wife in
Consideration of her bringing up my children shall have
full Power to demand and and receive all the Several Rents
and Incomes of the Rest of my Estate till my children
shall respectivly come of Age excepting the Shop Stable
Timber Yard and Orchard, always provided that she keep them
in good tenentable Repair. Item I give and bequeath to
my son Abreham that Dwelling with all its Privilledges & and
Easements which was late in the Occupation of John Kettle
when he shall come to the full Term of One and Twenty
Years of Age Item Igive and bequeath to my son John
that Dwelling House with all the Priviledges thereto
belonging where Henry Atkinson of late did Live and
that chamber over it which is now in my Own Hands
and distinguished by the name of the best chamber of which
house and chamber so distinguished he is to take possession
when he shall come to the full age of one and twenty
years.  Item I give and bequeath to him my said son John the
Shop Tools Stable Timber Yard and Orchard to take
Them into his present possession immediately upom my
Death, and the Clock now standing in the kitchen when
He shall come to the term of One and Twenty Years of
Age.  Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary that
dwelling with all its priviledges thereunto belonging which
Is now in the occupation of Robert White to be possessed of
When she comes to the term of nineteen years of age.
Item I give and bequeath to my son Abraham (for his present use) that part which
I have in that Vessell or Sloop of which Francis Eastwood
Under God is now Master.  Item it is my Will that my son
Abraham and my daughter Mary shall give each of them
Ten pounds (to my daughter Anne Newton ) to be paid unto her when she comes to the
Full age of one and twenty years.  Item to my sons
Thomas and William  I give and bequeath that part of my
Estate which I have in the present possession of my loving
Wife to be equally divided between them at the end of the
Term of my said wife’s natural life.  And it is likewise
My Will that my son John pay five pounds to Thomas
And five pounds more to William as they shall come
Respectively to be put out to some lawfull trade calling
And it is my will that all my children shall have the same easements
Liberties and conveniencies for wood water and Cole as has been
Usual to the said tenements or dwellings heretofore in all such cases
Item it is my Will that if any of my children aforesaid should die

Die before they come of age respectively to be of Age as is before ex
Pressed what he or she so dying should have been possessed of shall
Be equally divided among those who shall survive.  Item
My will is that when my debts and funeral charges and the dividend of my fathers will to my seven
Children shall be paid the rest of my goods and chattles
Without doors I give to the sole use and disposal of my
Loving wife.  Lastly my will is that Samuel Wood
Of Wivenhoe aforesaid Minister of the Gospel and my
Sister Martha Blower be executors of this my
Last will and testament and declaring all other
Wills by me heretofore made to be altogether null and void
I leave this as my last will and testament sealed
And subscribed with my own hand this fourth
Of September being in the tenth year of her maties
Reign and of our Lord God 1711
Seal’d sign’d and
Delivered in presence
Of us

Benjamin Chapman
John Leys
The Marke of
Elizabeth Humble
Alias Stephens

Saml Ward & Martha
were sworn
Executors of this will
Before me
T Bernel Surrog.
Sept 21

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