Graves and their Transcriptions in Wivenhoe's New Cemetery

This page lists the graves from about 1906 to the 1990s

Produced by Frances Belsham in 2021

Map of Cemetery
Theo Rhodes
New Cemetery viewed from Belle Vue Rd. February 2021.
Frances Belsham
New Cemetery from Belle Vue Rd. February 2021.
Frances Belsham

This page lists the graves which are marked on the map of what we in Wivenhoe call the ‘New Cemetery’, as opposed to the ‘Old Cemetery’ which is on the other side of Belle Vue Road.

This list is not a comprehensive list of all plots in the New Cemetery but all those that are still identifiable from about 1906 to about the 1990s which is at least two thirds of all the plots in it. There are some graves beyond the 1990s but most of the newer graves are in sections E and H which are not included in the transcriptions here.

Many of the graves in the sections, can not be identified for a number of reasons. Some are without markers or have become too overgrown to be able to read any identifiable markings.

However the names of all the people buried in the cemetery and the placing of their resting place, has been compiled in a document by another history group member, John Foster.


How to use this page

  • Look down the list of names until you find the family name you are looking for and its corresponding plot reference (a letter and number).
  • The letter that precedes the number tells you which section the grave is in. The number identifies the grave.
  • At the foot of this page are PDF files for each grave section. The files list the graves in plot reference order and include, where possible, a photograph of the grave and the transcription on the headstone.
  • The files also list the row that the grave can be found on for those visiting the cemetery. The map above shows the grave sections and rows, and each of the PDF files lists all the visible graves in the sections highlighted on the map.
  • If you would like a larger copy of any of the headstones please let me know.
  • Frances Belsham.
Family NameSection No./Grave No.
Ablitt JF-233
Alston R & DG-155
Amos E & MD-184
Anderson C & MF-98
Ashwin EG-86
Backwell SB-73
Bacon E & ED-257
Baker CA- 4
Baker C & HF-163
Baker ED-55
Baker EF-179
Balaam F & MG-110
Bales J & DG-137
Ball DC-98
Ball F & EG-157
Ball T CaptC-125
Balls FF-230
Balls FG-106
Balls TG-132
Barham R & RD-272
Barker E & WG-60
Barker I & EC-225
Barnes DC-45
Barnes OF-31
Barnes W & CG-9
Barnett G & AG-109
Barr BC-230
Barr CG-35
Barrell B & AG-1
Barrell B & MC-218
Barrell E, K & RF-23
Barrell JF-186
Barrell M & AC-219
Barrell W & JC-217
Barrett FD-177
Barrett F & AF-197
Barritt F & NG-145
Bates A & GA-24
Bates A & JC-189
Bates JA-22
Beckwith RF-42/43/44
Beeson B & MG-11
Beeson R & AG-11
Bell M & IG-188
Bellman E& AD-245
Bellman VD-220
Bennett A & JF-128
Birkin G & BG-74
Bishop WC-83/84
Blake WG-180
Bloyce B & AG-155
Bloyce G & AF-162
Blundon FD-137
Blyth AF-259
Blyth H, P & PB-15
Blyth J & JC-126
Booth JG-189
Bowes E & AD-138
Brackett E & EF-147
Braddock WF-48
Bradley M & MF-224
Bradshaw L & AG-16
Braithwaite FA-47/48
Bridge J & DG-182
Bridges A & SF-14
Brigham EF-119
Brody GB-
Brown AD-227
Brown D & PG-194
Brown ED-168/170
Brown FG-24
Brown F & HD-188
Brown J & EG-49
Brown J& EC-73
Brown MD-182
Brown W & JD-187
Brunning H& AD-221
Canham J, L & JD-285/286
Cardy A & AG-80
Carrington W & SA-50
Carter E & AF-207
Carter GF-26
Carter G & EF-83
Carver A & HG-4
Caward S & HG-198
Chamberlain CF-248
Chamberlain EG-207
Chamberlain E & JD-86
Chamberlain H & EF-242
Chamberlain LD-87
Chamberlain P & HC-77
Chaney D & RF-126
Chaney E & WF-126
Chaney P, K & AB-2
Chapman EG-71
Chick F & EF-144
Child A & EG-27
Child EG-76
Chisnell EA-31
Clark AA-44
Clark BC-133
Clark HG-67
Clark H & EF-261
Clark PG-143
Clark W & BF-232
Clark W & MG-22
Clench J & SC-191
Coates C & EG-48
Cobb J & MG-134
Coe EF-79
Cole JC-223
Collings LC-86
Collings M & MC-85
Collins RC-259
Cook AD-110
Cook AD-183
Cook F & HG-192
Cook MF-168
Copping ED-189
Corbel ED-91
Cotton VF-185
Cox ED-196
Cracknell E & GF-77
Cracknell VF-32
Craddock EG-169
Craske AG-21
Crosby G & CF-19
Crowe GG-12/13
Cully EC-1
Curry W & ED-268
Curtis W & EA-25/26
Daniels DD-250
Dann B & GD-273/274
Davis CD-102
Davis G & MG-84
Davis SC-184
Dean DG-101
Denyer G & EG-108
Downing P & ED-278
Downing P & FF-218
Dunn C & EC-202
Dunne R & GG-151
Durrant S & GD-84
Durrell D & AG-166
Durrell G & CG-136
Durrell SC-30
Dyer G & PF-164
Edwards AC-9
Edwards FF-221
Edwards FF-222
Ellsmore SG-78
Enfield G & AC-151
Ennew G & WB-78
Ennew TD-19
Ennew W & LB-77
Evans H & DC-141
Everett CF-177
Everitt AC-130
Exworth AC-129
Fale JC-228
Fale MG-58
Fale T & MD-208
Farmer MG-88
Felgate E & AA-35
Felgate JD-28
Finn FG-176
Firman F & LF-216
Fletcher RG-174
Forsgate JD-219
Forsgate W & G-M & WC-187
Forster DB-104
Forsythe MD-73
Foster M & EC-93/94
Francis A & EF-38
Franks E & SC-216
Freestone H & FG-213
Frost WC-180
Frostick E & JC-142
Frostick GF-231
Garnham I & JF-82
Garrad E & GF-25
Gayton LD-229
Goodall A & AF-130
Goodwin A & WD-120
Goodwin H & MD-209
Goodwin H & OF-165
Goodwin M & CC-199
Goodwin OC-
Goodwin W & SC-8
Gowing EC-107
Gray DD-199
Green E & LF-104
Green E & WF-84
Green JD-171
Green JF-105
Green S & AG-212
Gregory LG-196
Grocott H & OF-237
Groves J & GG-138
Gunn A & ID-96
Hadley A & LC-181
Hadley J & MC-185
Hall E & VG-175
Hall H & SC-33
Hall WA-54
Halls W & FD-263
Ham E & NC-262
Ham G & WD-148
Ham JC-2
Ham N & IC-252
Hand G & RG-133
Harlow H & AD-119
Harlow J & SC-109
Harlow M & ED-275
Harris EC-253
Harris IF-167
Harrison A & RF-102
Hart JC-97
Harvey M, H & AB-
Harvey S & RC-136
Harvey VC-136
Hase CB-
Hasler A & AG-128
Hatch E & ED-157
Hatch M & MB-
Hatch R, E & DD-252/253
Head W & MD-265
Heath F & JD-32
Hedgethorne F, E & BD-162
Hewett A & EB-5
Hewett A & FF-91
Hewett H & GB-4
Hewitt EF-137
Heyes G & AF-145
Hibbs AC-229
Higley W & MC-270
Hill EG-6
Hillyard SC-101
Hodges E & EG-47
Hook HC-22
Hooks S & HC-21
Hopkins E & EG-152
Howard E & CD-165/166
Howard G & WD-185
Howling TD-33
Hughs N & EG-153
Hure H & DG-163
Husk CC-103
Husk J & LC-59
Husk N & AC-11
Hussey L & HG-83
Jackson FC-67
Jenkins TD-22
Johnson DD-197
Johnson RG-102
Jones EC-25
Jones E, E & OB-24
Jones W & DF-269
Joyce A & EF-62
Joyce A & TA-3
Joyce E & GD-136
Joyce GG-69
Joyce T & AC-127
Kemble E & WD-244
Kettle AC-170
Kettle AC-246
Keys AG-62
King C & EF-136
King G & EF-50
King HF-65
King I & BF-49
Knappett JG-147
Knopp L & MA-34
Knopp WA-33
Lach-Szyrma G & DF-139
Last E &WG-42
Last W & CD-206
Laws HD-13
Lax FD-251
Lax K & FC-163
Lax R & MD-277
Lee E & EG-173
Lilley JD-211
Linnett AG-111
Loveless W & DG-208
Mallell G & WG-199
Margerum EF-251
Martin S & HA-40
Martin W & FG-75
Marvin H & HG-183
Maskell E & AC-261
Maskell G & CC-241
Maskell J & LG-3
Mason DF-175
Mason GG-29
Mason JG-26
Mason MG-19
Mason R & LC-244
Massie E & GD-247
Mawdsley SD-250
May C & MG-95
May IG-15
Mayes D & JC-91
Mayes E & JC-90
Mills H & EC-200
Mills WC-200
Mills W & MC-268
Mitchell GD-34
Moody T & MG-165
Moore AC-204
Moore J & RD-117
Morris F & AG-18
Morrish SD-127
Mortlock A & CF-118
Morton AF-170
Munson AF-70
Munson G & AF-204
Munson H & HG-172
Munson JG-61
Munson P & MF-71
Munson RA-52
Munson R & RC-237
Munson T & MD-150/151
Mussellwhite DD-29
Napper C & EG-82
Naylor ED-16
Nessling G & HF-149
Nessling JF-169
Newberry JG-193
Nice A & LG-170
Nicholls J & JA-14
Nightingale CD-164
Oakaby M & SG-171
Oakley AA-49
Oakley H & RG-210/211
Oakley MG-210/211
Oakley RC-226
Orrock J & MG-54
Oswald J & MG-214
Page R & VG-51
Parker WD-190
Partridge EC-106
Paul W & KF-81
Pawsey H & FF-58
Pawsey H & OG-215/216
Pawsey PF-51
Payne L & RD-222
Payne W & CC-209
Pearce A & HD-218
Pearce IC-192
Percival EG-186
Percival L & CG-187
Perryman G & EB-81
Pettitt GD-254
Pike C & MG-177
Pike E. WD-39
Pitt A & MA-32
Pitt EC-75
Pittuck EC-263
Pittuck LD-58
Plester EF-166
Plester JD-4
Plester PG-107
Pooley EC-105
Pooley W & EF-114
Pooley W & HD-283
Pope WG-204
Popps S, J & GD-255/256
Porter A & JD-152
Porter B & RF-4
Porter RC-26
Porter SC-58
Powell T & AC-89
Powell VF-138
Price CC-119
Price FC-105
Prothero HG-31
Pryke AD-234
Pudney G & ED-18
Pullen AD-112
Pullen W & AD-264
Rand A, O & ED-62
Rand Mc-240
Rand SD-224
Rand S & WD-61
Reader PF-136
Reed FD-236
Richardson JA-30
Robertson F & AD-160
Rogers GG-90
Rogers JG-206
Rogers J & FF-61
Rose TF-9
Rowe L & WC-214
Rowe W & CC-215
Rudkin V & AA-19
Rudland AC-110
Rudlin E & HD-76
Rudlin WD-41
Rule NG-184
Rush CF-155
Rush Q & CF-155
Sadler DG-206
Sadler E & HC-19
Sadler L & HD-102
Sainty C & CF-189
Sainty C & HF-198
Sainty E & MC-161
Sainty FF-201
Sargeant AC-23
Sargeant A & EF-243
Sargeant HC-87
Saul ND-250
Sawers FF-41
Sawers F, M & HD-158/159
Sawyers J & MF-217
Scofield HC-61
Scofield R & GD-92
Scofield R & GD-92
Scorer F & KG-200
Scott J & FD-198
Scott M & HG-122
Seaman F & GG-119
Service W & FD-284
Seymour A & HD-267
Shaw E & SG-10
Shead G & AG-56
Shead W & EF-45
Sherwood NG-209
Shipp FD-49
Simons B & AG-32
Simons R & MF-157
Smith AC-178
Smith AC-56
Smith E & WG-103
Smith F & AF-209
Smith HF-158
Smith MF-256
Southgate AD-276
Sparling AA-53
Sparling EF-119
Spooner B & IC-251
Sprack E & CC-179
Stevens SC-170
Steward E & AF-6
Steward H & CD-59
Stickley A & EA-53
Street P & IC-238
Street S SC-195
Street W & NG-130
Strevens R & TG-197
Stuart PC-193
Summers GD-179
Summers W & MF-68
Swanston L & HD-145
Tabor CD-14
Tabor S & GD-154
Tabor W & MD-195
Tatlow J & AF-13
Taylor A & AF-160
Taylor W & AG-191
Teat CD-194
Teat J & JD-258
Tickner E & PG-20
Tidswell EG-89
Tilling J & AG-120
Titmarsh ED-250
Trayler J, H & GD-175
Trayler W & AF-7
Turner AD-94
Turner AD-95
Turner A & MG-40
Turner B & JD-212
Turner CC-203
Turner C & MF-206
Turner EG-41
Turner FD-47
Turner R & AG-50
Upson I & NF-124
Utton W & MG-203
Varrow E & BD-144
Vessie L & LG-146
Vince GG-141
Vinson A & EC-236
Wade F & LF-113
Wade LC-54
Wade MC-196
Wade MF-203
Wadley AD-35/36
Wadley C & AG-154
Wadley EG-116
Wadley E & AG-131
Wadley H & JD-82
Wadley J & EF-211
Wadley L & TD-81
Wadley MD-24
Wadley OD-35/36
Walker A & ED-162
Wardley K & LF-263
Warren C & RG-100
Warren D & GG-81
Warren E & AC-169
Warren G & MF-195
Warren VG-39
Watcham G & EF-125
Watson G & KC-104
Watson VD-196
Wayne FF-92
Webb F & PG-160
Webb J & EF-37
Welch WB-7
Welham A & CC-243
Welham P & SG-28
Welham W & LF-178
Went G & AG-125
Westmore AF-258
Wheeler ID-197
White I & GF-143
Whyte E & TC-197
Wilding E & WG-43
Williams TD-17
Willson G & EB-9
Wisbey E & JF-241
Wisby TD-269/270
Wise JG-135
Wiseman R & CD-248
Wix H & HF-257
Wood L & FC-256
Woodbridge RF-192
Woods E & CG-87
Woods E & TG-63
Woods H LieutC-177
Woods WF-215
Woodward AC-50
Woodward M & CF-80
Worsp TD -250
Wraight E & EG-178
Wright M, H & LD-250
Wrist A & CD-223
Wyatt EG-167
Wyatt FG-121
Wyatt F & RD-281
Wyatt J & BD-217
Wyatt TD-246
Younge AF-223
Younge R, H & TD-30

New Cemetery Gravestone Sections A – D & G -F

Below are pdf’s of the sections as shown in the map.

This page was added on 03/08/2021.

Comments about this page

  • Thank you for completing this work and making it available online. As the granddaughter of Frederick & Katharine Scorer (G200), would you consider the possibility of descendants being able to add their information to the grave listing. I am sure this would help family historians amongst others. For example, Frederick Scorer was not my grandfather’s birth name – it is an anglicised version of his name.

    My father is also buried in the same cemetery (section H) along with two other relations.

    By Valerie Cumming Newell (27/06/2023)
  • Hi Valerie
    thank you for your comments.
    I’m afraid there isn’t a means for viewers to add to the data base or a section to add additional comments.
    However if you would like to write something about your family, perhaps we could put it on the site as a seperate post.

    By Frances Belsham (07/07/2023)
  • Congratulations to all who are responsible for putting this information online. I live in Canada and for many years I had hope that Find a Grave would do this cemetery as I have many ancestors buried there. Thank you so much! I just with that the photo of the grave was large enough to see and read. I have transcribed thousands of headstones here in Canada and realize the importance of preserving them. Once again, Thanks so much to everyone involved.

    By Mary Kearns Trace (15/04/2023)
  • Congratulations to all who are responsible for putting this information online. I live in Canada and for many years I had hope that Find a Grave would do this cemetery as I have many ancestors buried there. Thank you so much! I just with that the photo of the grave was large enough to see and read. I have transcribed thousands of headstones here in Canada and realize the importance of preserving them. Once again, Thanks so mucch to everyone involved.

    By Mary Kearns Trace (15/04/2023)

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