Graves and their Transcriptions in Wivenhoe's Old Cemetery

This page lists the graves from approx. 1858 - 1908

Transcribed by Frances Belsham

Old Cemetery
Frances Belsham
Sanford Family Box Tomb
Frances Belsham
Gooch Family

This page lists the graves which are in Wivenhoe Old Cemetery as opposed to the ‘New Cemetery’ which is on the opposite side of Belle Vue Road.

This list is not a comprehensive list of all plots in the Old Cemetery, but all those that are still identifiable from about 1858 to about 1908 .

Many of the graves, can not be identified for a number of reasons. Some are without markers or have become too overgrown to be able to read any identifiable markings.

However the names of all the people buried in the cemetery and the placing of their resting place, has been compiled in a document by another history group member, John Foster.

How to use this page

At the foot of this page are PDF files for each grave section.

Each entry is listed alphabetically by individuals surname. Where there is a link next to a name, clicking on it will take you to a photo of the person in the photos section of the site.

Each entry has a plot number, burial number, (as shown in the Burial register), transcription as shown on the headstone and a photo of the headstone.

Although the photos are small a larger copy is available and can be emailed to anyone who would like a larger copy.


Transcription of each headstone is shown as seen on the headstone.




Abbot Abraham William & Caroline

Abraham Charles & Ellen

Ashley Julia

Ashley William

Baker Chrissy

Baker Harry

Barker Elizabeth Ann

Barr Charlotte

Barr Flora Esther

Barr John & Maria

Barr Mary & Richard

Barr Percy

Barr Esther & Catherine

Barr Daniel & Eliza

Barr Daniel Brough

Barton Emily

Bates Eliza & Charles

Bates mary & Laura

Beaumont William

Benson James

Betts Henry & Charles

Blyth Caroline & Isaac

Blyth Isaac & Sarah

Blyth Catherine

Blyth Mary Ann

Blyth Joseph & William

Bonner Edwin & Esther

Bradbrook William

Britton Maurice

Brown Mary

Brown William

Browne Frances

Browne William

Browne Clifford

Browne Fanny & Arthur

Burgess John & Mary Ann

Burnett Margaret & Charles

Burnett Eliza

Candler Suzannah

Carter Ellen

Carter Elizabeth

Carter John Richard

Carver George

Carver Robert

Carver Caroline

Catt Samuel Hepzhibah

Chamberlain John & Harriet

Chapman Daniel & Phoebe

Child Ann

Child Arthur

Child Charles

Child William & Elizabeth

Child Albert

Child Elizabeth

Child Flora

Child Harriet

Child Henry

Child Elizabeth Ann

Child Henry

Child Jane

Child Margaret

Chiles Mary

Chiles William

Church John & Elizabeth

Codd Benjamin

Coker Ernest

Cole David & Sarah

Cole Arthur

Cole George

Cold Harold & Lena

Cole Benjamin

Cole Oscar & Eliza

Colleer Hephzibah

Colleer Maria

Colleer James

Colleer James

Collier Hannah

Collier Samuel

Collier William

Cook Mary Ann

Corsellis Caroline

Corsellis Charles Caesar

Corsellis Ernest & Joanna

Corsellis Henry & Susan

Corsellis Mary

Corsellis Nicholas Caesar

Corsellis-Lawton Nicholas Caesar

Cracknell Peter & Louisa

Cridge Mary Ann

Crosby Ellen

Crosby Edward

Crosby Ada

Crosby Joseph

Croyden Maud

Davis Jane

Davis William & Charles

Day James

Death Elizabeth

Death George

Death George & Elizabeth

Death George Harry

Denton William & Sarah

Denyer Eliza

Dodds George & Thelma

Durrell David

Durrell John

Durrell Eliza

Durrell Joseph & Emma

Durrell Martha

Dyer William & Florence

Dyer Hilda

Dyer William

Dyer Lena

Ellis Charles & Sarah

Ellis Charles & Hannah

Ellis Emma & Sarah Ann

Emerson Emma

Farmer Gertrude

Felgate William

Firman Frances

Firman Arthur

Firman George & Caroline

Fookes George & Julia

Forsgate Sarah

Forsgate Eliza & Thomas

Forsgate Thomas & Sarah

Franks Martha

Franks James

Franks & William

Frost Henry

Gardner James & Ellen

Gardner Jane

Gay William

Gilders Harriet

Gilder James

Godson Bertram

Goldacre John & Frances

Gooch Charles

Gooch Charles Edmund

Gooch Elanora

Goodrum John & Dinah

Goodwin Thomas & Agnes

Goodwin Ann, William & Sarah

Goodwin Eliza & John

Goodwin Harry & Edward

Goodwin Lizzie & Arthur

Goodwin Edward

Goodwin James & Hannah

Goodwin Thomas & Jane

Goodwin William & Frances

Goose Joanna & Joanna

Green Gloria

Green Arthur

Green Ida Green, Ida Emma (1900-1903)

Grimes David & Elizabeth

Grimes Ellen

Gunn Eliza & John Sanford

Ham Arthur

Ham Dick & Ellen

Ham Elizabeth

Ham Elizabeth Emma

Ham Elizabeth & William

Ham Emmeline

Ham Greta

Ham James

Ham James & Hannah

Ham James & Sarah

Ham Mary

Ham Nathaniel & Eliza

Ham Phoebe

Ham Prudence

Ham Richard

Ham Robert

Ham Susannah

Ham Thomas & Hannah

Ham Ernest

Ham William

Hardy Mary Brooke

Hardy Charles

Harlow Sarah Ann

Harlow William & Emma

Harlow William

Harvey Adolphus

Harvey Fred Rivers

Harvey Maria

Harvey George

Harvey George & Mary Ann

Harvey Harriet Goodrum

Harvey John Linnett

Harvey Margaret

Harvey John

Harvey Mary Elizabeth

Harvey Robert & Mary

Harvey Sarah

Harvey Sophia & Nathaniel

Harvey Susannah

Harvey Thomas

Harvey William

Hayward Eliza & Francis

Hazell Mary Ann

Hazell Joseph

Heal Stella & David Corsellis

Heath Charles & Margaret

Heath Walter

Heath Elizabeth

Heath George Sadler

Heath Jane

Heath James

Heath William

Hellen Julia

Hibbs Frederick

Hibbs Adelaide

Hibbs Frederick A.

Hines William & Kezia

Hooks William & Maria

Howard Eliza

Howard Harriett

Howard John

Howard Thomas & Hannah

Howell Mary Ann

Humm Henry & Eliza

Hyde Jane

Hyde Mary

James Mary Ann & William

Jenkins Elizabeth

Jenkins Henry & Susannah

Jones Ann

Jones William

Jones Marguerite Creffield

Jones William & Emily

Joyce Andrew

Juby William

Juby Henry

Kersey Arthur

Kevern Graham

Kilroy Amanda

Langley Elizabeth

Langley Ellen

Langley Matilda

Langley George & Elizabeth

Lewis Thomas

Lilley Francis & Sarah

Lilley Grace & Henry

Lilley Grace Edith

Lilley William

Lilley Hannah

Madder William & Susannah

Martin Henry

Martin Hannah

Mason Elizabeth

Mason Percival & Percival

Mason Ellen

Mason James

Mason James & Mary Ann

Mason Mary

Mason John

Mayes Gertrude & Albert

McLachlan Sarah

Mills Elizabeth & James

Mills Emma

Mills Ivy Mason

Mills Joseph

Moore Charlotte

Moore James & Mary Ann

Munson Emma

Munson Joseph

Murrell Eliza

Murrell William

Murrell May Heath & Minnie

Nickerson Alice

Nunn Mary

Oakley Ada & Henry

Oakley Alice

Oakley Ann & Robert

Oakley Deborah & Richard

Oakley Benjamin

Oakley Flora

Oakley James

Oakley William

Paddock Robert & Maria

Pawsey Rose & Arthur

Peck Lillian & Harry

Penney James & Elizabeth

Pittuck Benjamin & Mary Ann

Pittuck George & Ellen

Pittuck James & Jane

Pittuck Minnie

Pittuck Thomas & Mary Ann

Pittuck William & Mary

Podmore Shaun

Polley Charles

Polley John

Pratt John

Pratt Sarah

Price Charles Blyth

Price Francis John

Price Ann

Price Frederick & Sarah

Proctor J. A. & Isabella

Proctor Mary

Pryer Harriot

Pryer J.S.

Pryer Laura & George

Pudney Catherine & George

Pudney Emma & Arthur

Pullen Edwin & Jane

Pullen Esther

Pullen Walter

Pullen Walter & Isabella

Rayner Betsy & George

Rayner Elizabeth

Rayner George

Rayner George Heath

Rayner Sarah

Raynham Rose

Rowe Edwin

Rudlin Emma

Rudlin Mary Ann

Rudlin William

Sach George

Sadler Joseph & Ann

Sadler Sarah & William

Sainty Berkley Harvey & Ann

Sanford John

Sanford Thomas

Sanford mary Ann

Scofield Charles & Louisa   Scofield, CG, Chapman, Dan

Scofield Esther & Minnie

Scrutton Frederick

Scrutton Sarah

Shead Anna Maria

Shead Joseph

Shead Robert

Shead Ruth

Shead William & Emma

Simons Thomas

Simons James

Smith Abraham & Eliza

Smith Ruth

Snood Jonathan

Snood Sarah

Soames James

Soames William & Emmeline

Squires Edward Corsellis

Squires Edward Herbert Corsellis  Squire, Edward Herbert (1859-1946) & Family

Squires Georgina Annie Corsellis  Squire, Edward Herbert (1859-1946) & Family

Squire Mary Elizabeth

Squire Samuel & Mary   Squire, Edward Herbert (1859-1946) & Family

Stevens Marianne & George

Stonhold Joseph & Emmie

Sutton Thomas

Tabor Caroline

Towler Lily & Thomas

Towler William

Trayler William & Beatrice  Trayler, Capt William (1854-1910)

Trotter Alexander

Turner Joseph

Turner Joseph Edward

Turner Elizabeth

Turpin Arthur

Turpin Jane Turpin John

Tye Mary Ann

Tye Sarah Ann

Vinson Jonathan & Martha

Wadley Sarah & William

Wadley Sarah & William

Walker Samuel, Murial & Eliza

Warner Ernest

Waters Anna

Waters Isabella

Waters Basil

Waters Elizabeth

Waters A.F.

Waters Henry Fisk & Herbert

Weavers Alice

Weavers Edith

Weavers Leonard & Tom

Webb Susannah

Went Annie & Charles Rivers

Went Arthur & Alice

Went Solomen

Went Elizabeth

West Sarah

Whymark Frederick & William

Willis Sarah & William

Woods Edith & Arthur

Worsp Emily & john

Wyncoll Thomas & Sarah



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