Martin TURNER of Wivenhoe, Farmer, 1763. D/ACW 31/6/10

In the Name of God Amen I Martin Turner of Wivenhoe in the county Essex Farmer being of
sound and perfect mind and memory do make my last Will and Testament in manner following (that is
to say) First I give and Devise unto Mary my beloved Wife all that my customary Messuages Tenement
or Cottage with the Yards and Appurtenances thereunto belonging holden of the Mannor of Wivenhoe
by copy of Court Roll and which I purchased of John Morley and Susan his wife to hold to her my said
wife and her Assigns for and During the Term of her natural Life Also I recommend to my Executors
hereinafter named that they do permitt and suffer her my said wife to have the management and
Benefit of the Farm which I now occupye in Wivenhoe aforesaid for so long time as they shall
approve of her management thereof for the bringing up of my son John Martin Turner upon her
giving security to my said Executors to their good liking for her being answerable to them for all
such my effects as they my said Executors shall intrust her with and to resign the possession
thereof when they shall require the same only reserving thereout to herself the sum of two hundred
and fifty pounds which I will to her own absolute use and Disposal and in case it shall happen so
that my said son shall dye under the age of Twenty one years without Lawfull Issue of his Body
and I shall have no other issue by my said wife Born or to be Born Then and in that case I will
Direct and Appoint my said Copyhold Estate to be sold immediately after my said wifes Decease
by my Executors or either of them or the Executors or Administrators od the survivor of them for the best

price that can be gotten and the monies thereby arising I will and Direct to be Deemed as part of my
personal Effects and to be Applyed as such as well as all other part of my personal Effects which I give to
be equally Divided to and amongst all such Children of my Brothers John Turner and Thomas Turner and of
my sister Mary Ingram as shall be then living share and share alike only reserving to her my said
wife the aforesaid two hundred and fifty pounds to her use and Disposal provided that in case it
shall so happen that my said wife shall be obliged or Desirous to quitt the occupation of the said
Farm before the expiration of the Lease thereof that then it shall be in her power and at
her option to have and take to her use and Disposal a Bed and sufficient Furniture such as she
shall chose for the furnishing of one Room and I do hereby nominate and appoint my Friends
William Adams of Abberton in the said county of Essex Farmer and Daniel Blythe of Elmstead in
the same County Farmer executors of this my will and my will and Desire is that they my said

Executors shall not be accountable for any losses that may happen of any part of my personal

Effects without their Wilfull Defaults or neglects neither shall they be accountable for the acts and
Deeds of each other in the Execution of this my Will but for their own respective Acts and Deeds only
and to Reimburse themselves all such reasonable expenses as they shall be put unto in the Execution
of this my will In Witness whereof I the said Martin Turner have to this my last Will and Testament
set my hand and seal this twenty fourth day of December in the year of our Lord one Thousand seven
hundred and sixty two

The Mark of
Martin Turner

Signed Sealed published and Declared by
the said Martin Turner the Testator as and for his
Last will and Testament in the presence of us and
by us attested in his presence

Saml Cutter
Thos Cutter.

Mar 3d, 1763
Your Oath is that this paper writing contains the last Will 7 Testament of Martin Turner deces’d, so far as ?
or belief & that you will well & truly perform the office of Executor being one of the two within mentioned
paying first the deceas’d’s debts & then the Legacys interest in his said Will, so far as his goods &
Chattells & Credits will thereto extend & the Law charge you, & that you will make &exhibit a perfect
Inventory of all & singular the said Goods Chattells, & Credits, & render a true & just account of your
Executorship when you shall be thereunto by Law required

Danl Blyth

Sworn before me
C: Lind Surrogate

I William Adams do voluntarily, sincerely & truly affirm & declare, that I am a Disenter from the Church
of England of that Sect commonly call’d Quakers, that I believe the within written to contain the last Will
& Testament of the Deceas’d Martin Turner, & that I will endeavor well & truly to discharge the office of a
executor as is above sworn by Daniel Blyth & be ready to give an account of my Executorship, whenever
lawfully call upon so to do
Attested before me
Charles Lind Surrogate

The aforegoing affirmation was made
on the thirtieth of March 1763 by the
said William Adams before me C. Lind Surrogate

This Will was proved on the Thirtieth day of March in the year of our Lord 1763 Before the Reverend Charles Lind Doctor in Divinity Surrogate
& by the solemn and sincere affirmation or Declaration of Daniel Blyth one of William Adams and by the oath of Daniel Blyth the Executors to whom Amcon of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the
Deceased Granted and Committed on the Sixteenth day of April next following the S William Adams having first made a solemn and sincere affirmation or Declaration according to
Act of Parliament in that behalf made and provided and the said Daniel Blyth being first sworn well and Faithfully to Administor

Proved also the said day of in the said year of our Lord 1763 Before the same Surrogate & by the oath of Daniel
Blyth the other Executor named in the said Will to whom Admcon of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said Dec’d was also Granted and Committed on
the said    day of   he being first sworn duly to administer

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