Mary BARNSLY of Wivenhoe, 1703.  D/ACW 23/37

In the name of God Amen I Mary Barnsly of Wivenhoe in the County of Essex being in indifferent
health of body and of sound mind and memory (God be praised) do declare my last will and Testamt
to be as follows my soul I resign to Almighty God and my body to be decently buried as near my
husband as may be hopeing in Christ for a joyfull resurrection to life Eternall As to my worldly
goods wch God hath entrusted me wth I do dispose thereof as follows : I give to my Bror
John Adams’s son John one hundred pounds to his son John my Clock Coal racks Fire-Irons and
ten pounds in money and to William his other son my punch Boll silverplate one silver spoon & in money ten pounds & silver punch cupp
To my said Brors sons wife my silk Fringd black petticoat and to their daughter Mary my bed ln the
low room as it stands my best pair of holland sheets two best pillowbiers my Chest in the chamber
yewtable and second suit of wearing linen Iem I give to my Cozen Mary Akers ten pounds To
her daughter Mary my Best suit of apparell both linen and woollen a pair of holland sheets six
Napkins my Fire Irons wth Brasses and all my utensils of brasse about the Fire my Chest of Drawers
and twenty pounds in money and to my Cozen Akers other three children twenty pounds apiece at their
respective ages of one and twenty years or days of marriage wch first happens & in the mean time I
will their mother shall have the interest thereof towards their Educaton and maintenance and I give
moreover to Richard Akers my Bed in the chamber as it stands one pair of sheets and two pillowbiers
to his sifter Elizabeth I give my yew Chest and a Silver Spoon and to her sifter Frances a Silver Spoon
And I will that my two diaper table cloths and two dozen of Napkins be indifferently divided between Mary
Akers the daughter and my aforenamed Cozen John Adams’s daughter Mary Item I give to my
Uncle John Rylands son John Five pounds and to his sifter Elizabeth my Cabinet and Candle Cupp To
Joseph Ryland my kinsman I give my husbands Cloak and ten pounds in money To the two daughters of
the widdow Rennington I give six pounds To the poor of Whitechurch in Warwickshire forty shillings and
to the poor of Wivenhoe twenty shillings Item I give to my Cozen William Ryland Edward Walford
Mr Buckland and his wife Mr Robert Archer and Thomas Glastock twenty shillings each to buy them
rings Item to my Uncle John Adams’s sone Samuel Rylands son Five pounds Each to Robert Prestons
son Robert forty shillings to William Maud and John Patrick Each twenty shillings to Peter Patrick
Humfrey Lewis & Wm Pitts five shillings Each Item I give my fireing amongst four poor widdows of Wivenhoe
To Juliana Sparling I give five pounds and to Tomas Lucas twenty shillings Item I give to my late maidservt
Mary Turner a suit of apparell both linen and woollen a pair of Flax sheets two pillowbiers and
one of my Gold rings and to her son and Daughter my part of the vessell of wch John King is Master Item to
Mary Turners son I give five pounds and to her daughter one silver spoone three pewter dishes four plates my
great Cupboard my silver salt and dram cupp and in money five pounds Item Elizabeth Dunton my maidservant
(If she continues so till my death) I give my trundle bedsted wth the beds Bedding sheets and pillowtye therewth used
ordinarily my little iron pott a pewter dish two plates four ordinary napkins one ordinary tablecloth my ordinary
weareing cloths and two suites of my ordinary wearing linen and I will that Mary Turner shall give and dispose off
some of my ordinary linen to some poor people of Wivenhoe and then I will the rest shall be divided equally
between Mary Akers the daughter and Mary Turners daughter To Mary Akers the daughter I give my silver
tankard she giveing her sister Elizabeth the Candle cupp I gave her mother for her otherwise I give my tankard to
Elizabeth and to her sister Frances my silver porringer Item to Cozen John Adams and his wife widdow Akers and
Edward Turner I give a gold ring Each and to Mrs Cork wife of Daniel Cork ten shillings to buy her a ring In regard
many things I have before hereby devised cant be conveyed to the parties wth out much charg I will that my Executors
sell them for the best price they cann & pay the money thereby ariseing to the partie or parties to whom such goods as
shall be sold were devised and whosoever gives my Executors any trouble by suit in Law or Equity for so doing one
shall not be any wise entitled to or have any part off or benefit by my estate or by this my will Item I will that
about twenty pounds be expended about my funerall and a Guinea for a sermon so revoking all former wills
I declare this to be my last will and testamt and my Brother John Adams’s son John and my Cozen
Mary Akers widdow Executors and in the mean time that my Executors or either of them come over I will
that Mary Turner (to whom I give my Coppar Boyler) shall take order for my funerall & secureing
what I leave? ( I reposeing great confidence in her) and whatever she orders shall they discharg out a
of my Estate witnesse my hand and seal this one and twentieth day of Aprill anno dmn 1702 and
in th first year of the reign of Queen Ann.
signed sealed and published
Mary Bawnslay

in the presence of

Elizabeth Hanin
Elizabeth Cock
T Glascock
Robert Lush

John Adams & Mary Akers were sworn
Joint exectors of the above named Mary
by me Tho. Bennet surrog.
May 18. 1703.

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