Will of Nicholas Caesar Corsellis d. 1806

1747 - 1806

Transcribed by Frances Belsham

Nicholas Caesar Corsellis

Wills are generally written without any punctuation or abbreviations. There is often alternative spelling of some words and using upper case letters which do not always mean the start of a new sentence.

In some instances two lower case letters at the start of a word can denote an upper case letter, such as ff for F

Neither are they divided into paragraphs but are continuous lines of writing This can make documents difficult to read or understand.

This post shows the Will exactly as it was written with no attempt to break it down into paragraphs. Done in this way it shows exactly how the original document is written. As the documents are sometimes very large each line of writing in the document sometimes takes up two lines when it is transcribed in to the web site.




  1. This is the last Will
  2. and Testament of me Nicholas Caesar Corsellis
  3. of Woodford Bridge in the County of Essex
  4. Esquire In the first place I do by virtue and
  5. in pursuance of the power given to and vested
  6. in me and by the Settlement made previous
  7. to my Marriage and all other powers and
  8. authorities enabling me in this behalf by this
  9. my last Will and Testament by me signed sealed
  10. and published in the presence of and attested
  11. by their witnesses declare direct limit and appoint
  12. all that the Manor or Lordship of Layer Marney
  13. the capital Mansion House and all and every
  14. the Messuages Lands Tenements and Hereditaments
  15. particularly mentioned and described in my said
  16. Marriage Settlement and hereby granted and
  17. released from and immediately after my decease
  18. and Subject to the clear yearly Rent charge of
  19. ffour hundred pounds by my said Marriage
  20. Settlement limited and charged to and for my
  21. dear Wife Mary Corsellis for her Life in case
  22. she shall survive me and to the remedies and
  23. powers and to the term of two hundred years
  24. ? ? for this better securing the said
  25. Rent charge unto and to the use of my Sons
  26. Matthew Corsellis William Corsellis and
  27. Frederick Corsellis and of my daughters
  28. Harriot Corsellis Caroline Corsellis and Maria
  29. Corsellis as Tenants in common and not as
  30. joint Tenants and of their respective Executors
  31. administrators and assigns for and during the
  32. term of ffive hundred years to commence and
  33. be computed from the day of the decease of
  34. the Survivor of me and my said wife Mary
  35. Corsellis and fully to be compleat and ended
  36. Subject neartheless to the provisos next hereinafter
  37. contained expressed and declared of and
  38. concerning the said Term and from and after
  39. the Expiration or other sooner Decemination
  40. of the said Term of five hundred years and
  41. Subject thereto Then to the only not and behoof
  42. of my son Ceaser Corsellis his Heirs and assigns
  43. for ever provided always and it is my true intent
  44. and meaning that in case my said Son Ceaser
  45. Corsellis his sons or assigne do and shall within
  46. the space of twelve Calendar Months meet after
  47. the decease of the survivor of me and my said
  48. Wife will and duly Pay or cause to be paid
  49. unto my said six children to whom the said
  50. Term is hereby limited as aforesaid and to
  51. such other child or children as I may have
  52. Pg 2
  53. by my said wife their respective Executors or
  54. administrators the full and just sum of two
  55. thousand pounds of good and lawful money
  56. of Great Britain together with Interest for the
  57. same after the case of four pounds per cent per
  58. annum to be computed from the day of the
  59. decease of the Survivor of me and my said
  60. wife and to be paid unto them equally share
  61. and share alike together with Interest for the
  62. same after the rate aforesaid to be computed
  63. as aforesaid that then and in such case
  64. the said Term of five hundred years hereby
  65. ?eated limited or appointed of and in the said
  66. Manor and premises shall cease determine
  67. And be utterly void to all intents and purposes
  68. Whatsoever I give and devise unto my said
  69. Wife Mary Corsellis and her assigns for and
  70. During the term of her natural life all my
  71. ffreehold and copyhold Messuages Lands and
  72. hereditaments situate lying and being in the
  73. parishes of Woodford and Barking in the
  74. said County of Essex and from and after the
  75. decease of my said wife I give and devise
  76. my said last mentioned freehold and copyhold
  77. Estates unto and to the use of William Hunt
  78. of Kelvedon in the County of Essex Esquire
  79. and Job Matthew of Woodford aforesaid Esquire
  80. their Heirs and Assigns upon Trust as soon as
  81. conveniently may be after the decease of my
  82. said Wife or in her Lifetime by and with her
  83. consent and approbation to sell and dispose
  84. of the same either altogether or in parcels by
  85. public sale or by private contract to any person
  86. or persons willing to become the purchaser or
  87. purchasers thereof for the most money and
  88. best price that can be reasonably had and
  89. gotten for the same and to pay apply and
  90. dispose of the money to arise by such Sale
  91. or Sales in manner following (that is to say)
  92. upon Trust to lay out and invest the said
  93. monies to arise from the said Sale or Sales at
  94. Interest on Government Securities with the
  95. Approbation of my said Wife if living in the
  96. Names of them the said William Hunt and
  97. Job Matthew and to pay the Interest or
  98. dividends of the Monies so to be invested and
  99. laid out unto my said Wife for and during
  100. the Term of her natural Life and from and
  101. after her decease upon Trust to pay assign
  102. transfer and divide the principal or capital
  103. of the said Monies to arise from the said
  104. Sale or Sales unto and amongst all and every
  105. of my said children the said Matthew
  106. William ffrederick Harriot Caroline Maria
  107. Pg 3
  108. and such other child or children as I shall
  109. hereafter have living at my death or born
  110. in due time after equally share and share
  111. alike and my will and mind is and I do
  112. hereby declare that the Receipt or Receipts
  113. of my said Trustees or the Survivor of them
  114. or the Executors or administrators of such survivor
  115. shall be a good and sufficient discharge and
  116. discharges to the purchaser or purchasors
  117. of my said hereditaments and premises
  118. so as aforesaid directed to be sold for his
  119. or their purchase Monies or so much
  120. thereof for which such Receipt or Receipts
  121. shall be given and that such purchasor or
  122. purchasors shall not be obliged to see tp
  123. the application or be answerable or accountable
  124. for the misapplication or nonapplication of
  125. purchase Money or any part thereof
  126. Item I give to my said dear Wife all the
  127. ffurniture that shall be in my Dwelling house
  128. or Dwelling houses at the time of my decease
  129. plate and jewels horses and Carriages
  130. Outstores and ?unstores and the sum of three
  131. hundred pounds to be paid to or retained
  132. by her within one Month next after my
  133. decease provided nevertheless and my will
  134. is that what I have by this my will
  135. given to my said Wife is so by me given to
  136. her upon this express condition that she
  137. my said Wife shall and do relinquish and
  138. give up to and for the benefit of our said
  139. children and such other children as we
  140. may have the Interest of three thousand
  141. six hundred pounds part of six thousand
  142. pounds Bank Annuities in and
  143. by our said Marriage and that she do direct
  144. limit and appoint the said three thousand
  145. six hundred pounds three per cent unto and
  146. for the benefit of all our said children that
  147. shall be living at the time of my decease
  148. and born in due time after equally share
  149. and share alike and I direct that the
  150. two thousand four hundred pounds the residue
  151. of the six thousand pounds three per cent
  152. shall be made good out of my personal estate
  153. and be vested in the Trustees of my said
  154. Marriage Settlement upon the Trusts therein
  155. declared concerning the same Two thousand
  156. four hundred pounds unless I shall in my
  157. life time have retransferred such sum to the
  158. Trustees of my said Marriage Settlement
  159. Item I give to my son Caesar and to my
  160. Daughters Hariot and Caroline respectively the
  161. respective Irish Tontins or annuities
  162. pg 4
  163. purchased by me upon their respective lives
  164. and direct my Executors to transfer the
  165. debentures for the same to them accordingly
  166. and I give to each of my said other children
  167. the sum of Two hundred pounds And as to Hudson
  168. Bay Stock and all and singular the rest
  169. and Residue of my personal Estate after
  170. payment of my Debts ffuneral Expenses
  171. and Legacies I give and bequeath the same
  172. unto and amongst all and every my Child
  173. and Children that shall be living at the
  174. time of my decease or born in the time after
  175. equally share and share alike and do direct
  176. that the shares of each of them as shall
  177. be under the age of twenty one years of
  178. the time of my decease shall be continued
  179. or placed out at Interest and vested in the
  180. Manner of the said William Hunt and
  181. Job Matthew who are to be at liberty to pay
  182. apply the Interest or Dividend of such Share
  183. or Shares of such of my said Children as shall
  184. be so under age as aforesaid to and for his
  185. her and their respective Maintenance and
  186. Education And I do authorize and empower
  187. the said William Hunt and Job Matthew and
  188. the Survivor of them and the Executor and
  189. Administrators of such Survivor to pay and
  190. apply any part of the principal or capital
  191. of the shares of my said Child or Children
  192. during their Infancy in the placing out
  193. and advancing him her or them in the
  194. world And I appoint my said Wife and
  195. the said William Hunt and Job Matthew
  196. Guardians of my said Children Item I
  197. give and devise unto my said dear Wife
  198. her Heirs and assigns my two undivided third
  199. parts of the advowson of the vicarage of
  200. Lowlayton in the County of Essex and do
  201. earnestly recommend it to her that in case
  202. the Right of presentation shall happen to
  203. fall to or become vested in her during her
  204. Lifetime she my said Wife shall and will
  205. present my said Son Caesar Corsellis or any
  206. other of my Sons who shall enter into priests
  207. orders and duly qualify himself to the said
  208. living And I earnestly recommend it to my
  209. said Wife by her will or otherwise as far as
  210. the same can be done by Law to devise or
  211. settle my said two third of the said advowson
  212. pg 5
  213. in such manner as that one of my sons
  214. who shall duly qualify himself shall be
  215. presented to the said Living and from and after
  216. any one of my Sons shall be so presented that
  217. the said two thirds of the said advowson be
  218. sold and the Money arising by such sale
  219. equally divided amongst all my children
  220. that shall be living at the time of my decease
  221. or to the representatives of each of them as
  222. shall be dead and I recommend it to my
  223. Son Caesar in case he shall not take priestd
  224. orders that he do upon the first vacancy that
  225. may happen in the Rectory of Layer next
  226. after any one of my said Sons shall be duly qualified
  227. present such one of my said Sons to the said
  228. Living And I nominate and appoint my said
  229. dear Wife and the said William Hunt and Job
  230. Matthew Executrix and Executors of this my Will
  231. and I do request the said William Hunt and
  232. Job Matthew to accept of fifty pounds each
  233. In witness sohereof I the said Nicholas Caesar
  234. Corsellis have to this my last Will and Testament
  235. written and contained in four sheets of paper
  236. set my hand and seal in manner following
  237. that is to say to the first three sheets I have
  238. set my hand and to this fourth and last sheet
  239. my hand and seal this twentieth day of
  240. March in the year of our Lord one thousand
  241. seven hundred and eighty nine Nichs. Caesar
  242. Corsellis Signed sealed published and
  243. declared by the said Nicholas Caesar Corsellis
  244. the Testator as and for his last will and
  245. Testament in the presence of us who in his
  246. presence at his request and in the presence of
  247. each other have subscribed our names
  248. as Witnesses attesting the Execution thereof
  249. Thos Rydel Spencer Geo Townsend H Pocock
  250. This Will was proved at London the
  251. twenty fourth day of April in the year of our
  252. Lord One thousand eight hundred and seven
  253. before the Worshipful Samuel Pearce Pawson Doctor
  254. of Laws and Surrogate of the Right Honourable
  255. Sir William Wynne Knight Doctor of Laws Master
  256. Keeper or Commisary of the Prerogative Court of
  257. Canterbury lawfully constituted by the Oath of
  258. Mary Corsellis Widow the relict and one of the
  259. surviving Executors named in the said Will
  260. whom Administration was granted of all and
  261. singular the Goods Chattles and Credits of the
  262. said deceased she having been first sworn duly
  263. to administer power reserved of making the like
  264. Grant to William Mickerfield formerly William
  265. Huntor Esquire the other surviving Executor 
  266. named in the said Will when he shall apply
  267. for the same.


A summary of names, relationships, places, properties and vessels mentioned in the will of Nicholas Caesar Corsellis




Names                                                 Relationship                                       Line

Mary Corsellis                                     Wife                                                    21, 34, 48, 61, 70, 96, 100, 127, 137, 196, 199, 211, 231, 260

Matthew Corsellis                               Son                                                     26, 106, 168,

William Corsellis                                 Son                                                     26, 107, 168,

Frederick Corsellis                              Son                                                     27, 107, 168,

Harriot Corsellis                                  Daughter                                           28, 107, 162,

Caroline Corsellis                                Daughter                                           28, 107, 162

Maria Corsellis                                    Daughter                                            28, 107,

Ceaser Corsellis                                  Son                                                      42, 45, 161, 168, 207, 225,

William Hunt                                       Executor                                             78, 97, 182, 189, 197, 231, 233,

Job Matthew                                       Executor                                              80, 98, 183, 189, 197, 231, 234,

Thos Rydel                                          Witness                                                251

Geo Townsend                                    Witness                                               251

H Pocock                                             Witness                                                251

Samuel Pearce Pawson                       Dr of Laws                                         255

Sir William Wynne                              Dr of Laws                                           257


Property                                             Place                                                      Line

Manor                                                 Layer Marney                                        12, 67,

Mansion                                              Layer Marney, Essex.                           13

Messuages, Hereditaments                Woodford & Barking Essex              73

Vicarage                                              Lowlayton Essex                                    202









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