Samuel William Cardinal WADE of Wivenhoe, Mariner, 1848. D/ACW 44/6/25

In the Name of God Amen I Samuel William Cardinal Wade of
Wivenhoe in the County of Essex Mariner being sick and weak of body
But of sound mind memory and understanding and knowing that it is
Appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and
Testament.  That is to say Principally and first of all I give and recommend my
Soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it, and my body I commendto the
Earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executrix and
Executor hereinafter named, And as touching such wordly estate wherewith it has
Pleased God to bless me with in this life  I give divise and dispose of the same in
The following manner and form, that is to say.
First, I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth my dearly beloved wife all my household
furniture Linnen China and plate also I give and bequeath unto my aforesaid
dearly beloved wife all my part of that fishing smack known and called by the
name of the Prosperous together with my part of all the sails and all other things whatsoever
thereunto belonging, and also I give and bequeath unto my aforesaid dearly beloved wife all the
rest, residue and Remainder of Estate both personal and real whatsoever and wheresoever
and of what kind or nature soever the same may be.  Lastly I do hereby nominate constitute
and appoint my aforesaid dearly beloved wife Executrix and Samuel Catt of Wivenhoe
aforesaid Blacksmith Executor of this my last will and testament, and I do hereby
disallow, revoke, and dis annul all and every other former testaments, Wills Legacies
bequests and Executors by me in any wise before named, willed, and bequeathed
ratifying, and confirming this and no other, to be my last will and testament
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this forth day of
October in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred forty seven
Signed, sealed, Published, pronounced and declared by the
Said Samuel William Cardinal Wade as his last will and
Testament, in the presence of us, who in his presence and in
The presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names
As witness
Thomas J Howard
William Jolliff
Edward Catt

This is the Will of Samuel William
Cardinal Wade late of the Parish of
Wivenhoe in the County of Essex Mariner
Proved before me this day by the oaths
Of Elizabeth Wade the Widow and
Relict of the Testator one of and Samuel
the executors who was sworn
Duly to administer and that the Goods
And chattels of the deceased are under
The value of one hundred pounds
Dated this thirtieth day of September
1848 Power resurved of making the
Like grant to Samuel
Catt the other Executor
When he shall apply
For the same

Before me
Samuel Carr Surrogate

Testator died at
Wivenhoe Essex
On the Seventeenth
Day of January
Proved on the 12th day of
October 1848 before the Reverend
Samuel Carr, Surrog. &c by
The oath of Sar Elizabeth Wade the
Widow and one of the Executors to
Whom admon &c was granted she
Being first sworn duly to adminr
Power being reserved &c to Samuel
Catt the other Executor.

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