Sarah QUARRELL of Wivenhoe, Spinster, 1821. PROB11 1641/3

This is the last Will and Testament of me Sarah
Quarrel of Wivenhoe in the County of Essex Spinster being weak in body but of 
sound mind memory and understanding as follows I give devise and bequeath all
and every my right Interest claim and demand whatsoever both real and personal
of in to or out of certain lands or a settlement 2 cottages with their and every of their 

Appurtenances in the Parish of Westmorland in the County of Cornwall in the Island 
of Jamaica with certain Negro and other negro Slaves and to which I became entitled under 
and by virtue of my late Mother’s will dated the 14th day of August one thousand
eight hundred and thirteen or 
under a bond granted to me by my late brother Richard
Quarrel deceased dated the first day of December one thousand eight hundred and fourteen 
For the payment of the sum of seven thousand pounds current money of Jamaica which 
Said some is equal to 5,000 sterling in lieu of such rights and claims 
given devised and bequeathed to me as aforesaid together with all interest that shall be due 

thereon at the time of my decease and also all other my real and personal Estate whatsoever 
And we’re so ever and of what nature or kindsoever unto my friends the Reverend George Capper of Whersted in
the County of Suffolk Clerk and George Reid the younger of Mansfield Street London 

Esquire their executives and adm[inistrat]ors upon the trusts following that is to say that they my 
said trustees shall and do within twelve months after my decease pay one equal fifth part or
share of such rights claims or principal money as a foresaid unto my Niece Catherine 

Quarrell daughter of my said late brother Richard Quarrell her Ex[ecuto]rs or Adm[inistrat]ors one other 
equal fifth part or share thereof unto my Nephew Richard Quarrell son of my said late 
brother his Executor or Adm[inistrat]ors and as to the three remaining three fifth parts or shares 
Thereof in trust that they my said Trustees do pay and apply the Interest dividends and
Annual proceeds thereof unto my said Sister M B T to and four my sister Mary Basillia 
Tharp of the City of Bath in the county of Somerset Widow for and during the term of
her natural life and from and after her decease I give devise and bequeath the said 
3 last ment[ione]d 5 parts or shares unto my nieces and Nephew Elizabeth Tharp William
Tharp and Mary Basillia Tharp the children of my said Sister Mary Basilia
Tharp equally to be divided between them share and share alike as Tenants in Commo
and not as joint Tenants And I do direct that the same three last mentioned parts or
shares shall be payable assigned or transferred to the respective devisees and legatees
thereof when and as they shall respectively attain the age of twenty one years
provided always nevertheless And it is my Express will and desire that my Executrix and
Executors hereinafter named their Executors and Administrators shall retain the rents:
Interest and proceeds of my said Estate until such time as he she or they shall by 

means thereof be enabled to pay and discharge all my just debts funeral expenses 
and the charges are proving this my Will and such Legacy or Legacies Sum and Sums
of money as I may by any Codicil note or memorandum or in writing give or
bequeath to any person or persons whomsoever and which shall be as valid as
if inserted in this my Will and I do nominate constitute and appoint the said Mary
Bassillia Tharp the said George Capper and the said George Reid Executrix and Executors

of this my Will And I do declare that they my said Executrix and Executors their Executors
or Administrators shall not by any means be answerable for any involuntarily
loss is that may happen in the said Executorship and that he she and they shall may
expend or be put unto in carrying into execution the trusts of this my Will hereby
revoking all former and other Wills by me at any time heretofore made to declare
this to be and contain my last Will and Testament contained in two sheets of paper
In Witness whereof I have to the first sheet of this my last Will and Testament written
on one side only set my hand and to the second sheet thereof my hand and Seal
this nineteenth day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and eighteen Sarah
Signed Sealed published and declared by the said Testatrix Sarah
Quarrell as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in her
presence at her request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as
Witnesses Geo: Reid [?] J. Smythies

This Draft of the will was proved at London 1 March 1821 before the
worship Joseph Phillimon Doctor Laws and Surrogate by the Oath of Mary
Basillia Thorpe W[ido]w the Sister and George Reid Es[qui]r[e] two of the Executors to whom
adm[inistrati]on (limited until the signed Will or a [?] authorised copy thereof shall be bro[oug]t was granted having been first sworn duly to administer power reserved of
making the like grant to George Capper the other Executor when he shall apply
for the same

Margin: and left in the
Registry of this

Examined S W Hawkins

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