Thomas LAMB of Wivenhoe, Farmer, 1781. D/ACW 34/4/36

This is the last Will and Testament of me Thomas Lamb of Wivenhoe in
the County Essex, Farmer made this Nineteenth day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand and
seven hundred and Eighty one  First I Will and order that all my just Debts Funeral Expences
and the charges of proving this my Will be paid by my Executor hereinafter named and as to my
worldly Estate I give and dispose thereof in manner following (that is to say) I do hereby Will
direct and appoint that my esteemed Friend Daniel Blyth of Elmstead in the same County
Farmer or his Heirs do and shall with all convenient speed after my Decease sell and dispose
of all my Copyhold or Customary Messuages Lands Tenements and hereditaments with their and
every of their appurtenances situate lying and being in Wivenhoe aforesaid and now in my
own Occupation (all which premises I have duly surrendered to the uses of this my will) to the
best purchaser or purchasers that can be gott for the same and I do further Will and direct that
my Executor do also as soon as conveniently may be after my decease call in and receive
all such monies as shall be due and owing to me by virtue of any Security or Securitys or
otherwise howsoever And also to make sale of all my Farming Stock Household Goods
Chattels personal Estate and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever and the monies arising thereby
together with the monies so to be received and got in as aforesaid with all my ready monies
and also all the monies arising by sale of my said Copyhold or Customary Estates before directed
to be sold (after payment of my said Debts Funeral Expences and other incident charges
attending the Execution of this my will ) I order and direct to be placed out at interest by the
said Daniel Blyth and in his Name upon any good Security or Securitys thereof to be taken
(either publick or private) And if the said monies or any part thereof shall at any time or
times then after be paid in then to be again placed out upon the like or other good Security
And upon this Special Trust and Confidence that he the said Daniel Blythe his
Executors or Administrators shall and do pay and apply all the Dividends Interest
and proceeds of the said money as the same shall be received from time to time unto or to or for
the use and benefit of my Daughter or reputed Daughter commonly called and known by
the Name of Elizabeth Lamb (who now lives with me) of the age of Eight Years or thereabouts
towards her support maintenance and Education And upon further Trust and Confidence
that he the said Daniel Blyth his executors or Administrators shall and do to pay assign and
transfer all the said monies arising by the said Sale or Sales and personal Estate and Effects
and the interest and proceeds thereof unto my said Daughter on her attaining the Age of Twenty
one years to and for her own use and benefit But in Case my said Daughter shall happen
to die under the said age of Twenty one years and without lawful issue then living
Then I give the whole of the said monies so directed to be placed out at interest as aforesaid
together with the Dividends Interest and proceeds then due for the same unto my legal
Representatives And I do hereby Will and direct that the Receipt and Receipts of the said
Daniel Blyth and his Heirs shall be good and sufficient discharge and discharges to such
purchaser or purchasors for so much of the purchase money as shall be comprised in such

Receipt or Receipts and that after payment of the purchase Money to my said Trustee or his
heirs such purchasor or purchasors shall not be Answerable or Accountable for any loss
misapplication or Nonapplication of the said purchase Money or any part thereof but
shall be Absolutely Discharged therefrom And I do hereby declare my Will and Mind to be
that the said Daniel Blyth his heirs Executors or Administrators shall not be charged or
chargeable with or accountable for any more of the Trust Estate Monies and premises than he
or they shall respectively actually receive by virtue of this my Will nor with any loss that
shall happen of the same Estate Monies and premises or any part thereof so as such loss
happen without his and their wilful default And also that it shall and may be lawful
to and for the said Daniel Blyth his heirs Executors and Administrators in the first place
by and out of the aforesaid Trusts Estates moneys and premises to deduct and reimburse him and
themselves all such loss Costs Charges and Expences as he or they shall or may sustain suffer
or be put unto for or by reason of the Trusts hereby in him the said Daniel Blyth reposed
or the Management or Execution thereof or any other thing in any wise relating thereunto
And I do hereby nominate and appoint the said Daniel Blyth sole Executor of this my
Will and hereby revoking and making void all former and other Wills by me heretofore
made do declare this to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I the said
Thomas Lamb have to this my last Will and Testament contained in two sheets of
paper sett my hand and Seal to each Sheet thereof And also my Seal to the Labell by which
they are affixed together the day and year first above written.

Thos Lamb

Signed Sealed published and declared by the said Thomas
Lamb the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in our
presence who have hereunto subscribed our names as
Witnesses at his request, in his presence and in the presence of
each other

Elizabeth Plume

Jas Wayman

The within named Daniel Blyth made
and subscribed the foregoing administration following affidavit
or declaration according to an act of
Parliament in that behalf made & provided
namely that He believed this paper writing
to be the true lawful Will & Testament of
the deceased Thos Lamb and th

Novr 7th 1781
Daniel Blyth the sole Executor within named
was sworn to the truth of this Will and to the
due performance thereof the Testator’s personal Estate
does not exceed £150   before me
Josh Smythies

Testator died on the 29th
of October last in the parish
of Wivenhoe
Testators Estate & Effects
exceed £300

This Will of Thomas Lamb late of the Parish of Wivenhoe in the County of essex deceased was proved on the seventh Day of November in
the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty one before the Reverend Yorick Smythies Clerk Surrogate &c by the oath of
Daniel Blyth the sole Executor named in the said Will to whom administration of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the
said deceased was Granted and Committed on the Twelth Day of December following he being first sworn duly to administer

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