Will of Anne Goodwin

Wife of Rev Thomas Goodwin

Transcribed by Frances Belsham

Will of Anne Goodwin

Wills are generally written without any punctuation or abbreviations. There is often alternative spelling of some words and using upper case letters which do not always mean the start of a new sentence.

In some instances two lower case letters at the start of a word can denote an upper case letter, such as ff for F

Neither are they divided into paragraphs but are continuous lines of writing This can make documents difficult to read or understand.

This post shows the Will exactly as it was written with no attempt to break it down into paragraphs. Done in this way it shows exactly how the original document is written. As the documents are sometimes very large each line of writing in the document sometimes takes up two lines when it is transcribed in to the web site


The last part of this will shows a summary of the Names and relationships mentioned in the will.


Mrs Goodwins Will

Dated the 22nd Day of

June 1751


  1. In the Name of God Amen I Anne Goodwin of Wivenhoe in the County of Essex Widow and Relict of the Late
  2. Reverend Mr Thomas Goodwin Deceased Being in perfect mind and memory do the Twenty Second Day of June one Thousand Seven hundred and
  3. fifty one make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following (that is to say) first I commend my Soul into
  4. the hands of Almighty God who gave it me and my Body I Commend to the Earth to be Decently buried in the Parish Church of
  5. Wivenhoe above written as in Writing under my hand shall be declared And as touching such Estate as it hath pleased God to bless
  6. Me with I dispose thereof as followeth I do hereby give and Bequeath unto my Nephew Mr John Tyrrel of Bilrecay in the County of Essex and to
  7. The Heirs of his Body Lawfully begotten all that my ffarms Messuages and appurtenances Called Brook House in Reetendon in the County
  8. aforesaid I also Give and Bequeath unto my said Nephew Mr John Tyrrel and to the Heirs of his Body all that ffarm Messuages or Tenement with the Lands
  9. and appurtenances to the same belonging Called Holes in the Parish of Stock in the County aforesaid I also Give and Bequeath unto my said
  10. Nephew Mr John Tyrreland to the Heirs of his Body all that my other ffarme Lands and Tenements with the appurtenances in Stock aforesaid
  11. (Called Butts) [also Legs] Subject never the less and I do hereby charge the last mentioned Messuages Lands and Premises called Butts Immediately from and
  12. after my Decease with the yearly [payment] of twenty shillings so long as the world shall endure to the School Master (for the time being) of the Charity
  13. School in Wivenhoe aforesaid to be paid Quarterly if Demanded for and towards the Learning or Educating of one poor Child of the said Parish (to be
  14. nominated by the Minister thereof) But if it shall so happen that my said Nephew Mr John Tyrrel shall depart this life and leave no Issue then
  15. All the aforesaid ffarms Messuages Lands and Premises I Dispose thereof in manner following (that is to say) All that Messuage ffarms &
  16. Lands and Appurtenances Called Holes in the Parish of Stock I Give and Bequeath unto my Nephew Mr John Fitchet of Brentwood in the
  17. County aforesaid and to his Heirs for Ever I also Give and Bequeath unto my Nephew Mr Charles Fitchet of Brentwood and to his Heirs
  18. for Ever All that ffarms and Messuages Lands and Appurtenances Called Brook House in the Parish of Reetendon in the County aforesaid I also
  19. Give and Bequeath unto my Nephew Mr Charles Fitchet aforesaid and to his Heirs for Ever All that my ffarms Messuages Lands and Appurtenances
  20. Called Butts lying in the Parish of Stock aforesaid Subject never the less and I do hereby charge the last mentioned Messuage or Tenament
  21. Lands and premises Called Butts immediately from my Decease with the aforesaid yearly payment of twenty Shillings every year so long
  22. As the world shall endure unto the School Master (for the time being) of the Charity School in Wivenhoe aforesaid to be paid quarterly without any
  23. Charges or abatement whatsoever for and towards the Educating one poor Child of the said Parish at the Discretion of the Minister thereof
  24. I do hereby give unto my God Daughter Catherine Cardinal all my Goods and furniture in the best ( Chamber) as it stand I also give Mrs Anne
  25. Cardinal the wife of Mr John Cardinal for her separate use all the rest of my Household goods that shall belong to me at the time of
  26. my Decease I also give to Mr Thomas Richardson son of Mrs Plampin Richardson of long Melford the sum of ten pounds I also give to
  27. my two God Daughters Mrs Anne Goodwin and Mrs Anne Sturgeon to each of them five pounds I also give my God Daughter Anne Munson
  28. the wife of Robert Munson for her separate use five pounds and to my God son Robert Munson five pounds I also give to Mr Clarkson Cardinal
  29. one Silver Salver I also give to Mrs Susan Beaumont my Gold watch And Diamond ring After my Burying probate of my Will and
  30. Legacies are paid and Discharged What ready money remain my Linen and wearing apparel I give to be equally parted between Mrs
  31. Anne Goodwin of Bury Saint Edmund and Mrs Susan Beaumont of Hadleigh both in the County of Suffolk.hereby Revoking all former
  32. Wills before made ratifying and Confirming this to be and Contain my last Will and Testament And do appoint my Nephew
  33. Mr John Tyrrel of Bilrecay and Mr John Cardinal of Tendering in the County of Essex to be Executors of this my last will and
  34. Testament I Witness whereof I the said Anne Goodwin the Testatrix hath here unto set my hand and seal the Day and Year above written
  35. Signed Sealed Published and Declared by the
  36. Testatrix in our presence and we Witnessed Anne Goodwin
  37. The same in her presence
  38. Ann Barker
  39. Sarah Wright
  40. John Potter


25 Sep 1751 John Tyrrel Esq one of the Exec sworn before me    E Griffiths Surr.


Proved the Twentyfifth Day of Sept in the Year of our Lord 1751 before

The Revd Edward Griffiths the Master of Arts lawful Surrogate & by the

Oath of John Tyrrell Esq one the Executors To whom admin was

Granted he being first sworn duly to adm Power reserved for John

Cardinal the other Executor to do the like whenever he shall lawfully

Apply for and Demand the Same



A summary of names, relationships, places and properties mentioned in the will Anne Goodwin



                    Name                                                Relationship                    Line

                   Rev Thomas Goodwin                    Husband                           2

John Tyrrel                                        Nephew                             6, 8, 10, 33

School Wivenhoe                             Master                                12, 22

John Fitchet                                       Nephew                             16

Charles Fitchet                                  Nephew                             17, 19

Catherine Cardinal                          God Daughter                  24

Anne Cardinal                                                                                25

Thomas Richardson                                                                     26

Anne Goodwin                                 God Daughter                  27, 31

Anne Sturgeon                                 God Daughter                  27

Anne Munson                                   God Daughter                  27

Robert Munson                                God Son                             28

Clarkson Cardinal                             God Son                             28

Susan Beaumont                                                                           29, 31

John Cardinal                                                                                 33


Properties                                         Place

                   Brook House                                     Rettenden, Essex             7

Holes                                                   Stock,                                  9

Butts                                                    Stock, Essex                       11



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