Will of Caroline Corsellis 1774-1850

Daughter of N.C. Corsellis 1747-1806

Transcribed by Frances Belsham

Caroline Corsellis
Essex Record Office
  1. This is the last Will and Testament
  2. Of me Caroline Corsellis of Colchester in the County of Essex Spinster
  3. I give and bequeath as a specific legacy to Harriet Corsellis widow of my
  4. late dear brother ffrederick Corsellis one hundred pounds Bank Stock (illegible)
  5. standing in my own name in the Books of the Bank ot to which I am
  6. now entitled and to my dear sister Maria Corsellis widow of my late
  7. Cousin George Corsellis Esquire I give the sum of one hundred pounds like
  8. Stock Also I give to my said dear sister Maria all my monies which at
  9. the time of my decease shall be in the house wherein I shall then reside
  10. or in the hands of my Bankers and also all my household goods furniture
  11. plate china linen wines liquors clothes books rings jewels and trinkets to and
  12. for her sole use I give and bequeath to Catherine Corsellis Hunt daughter
  13. of my cousin Jackson King Hunt Esquire and goddaughter of my late
  14. dear brother Matthew Corsellis Esquire as a specific legacy one hundred
  15. pounds Royal Exchange Assurance stock standing in my own name in
  16. the books of the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation or to which I am
  17. now entitled Also I give and bequeath the following legacies that is to say
  18. To Louisa Corsellis widow of my said late brother Matthew Corsellis the
  19. sum of fifty pounds three pound per centum Consolidated Bank annuities
  20. To Hannah Corsellis widow of my late Cousin Henry Corsellis Esquire
  21. the sum of fifty pounds like annuities To my cousin Elizabeth Hunt the
  22. sum of fifty pounds like annuities To my friend Jane the wife of Thomas
  23. Joseph Turner Esquire the sum of fifty pounds like annuities To Matthew
  24. Corsellis Utterson son of the late Reverend Alfred Gibson Utterson deceased
  25. and Godson of my said late brother Matthew Corsellis the sum of five
  26. hundred pounds like annuities and my will is that during the minority
  27. of the said Matthew Corsellis Utterson the dividends and income of the
  28. said last mentioned legacy shall be applied for his maintenance and
  29. education in such manner as my executors hereinafter named shall
  30. think fit Also I give and bequeath to my executors hereinafter named the
  31. sum of fifty pounds sterling apiece And as to all The Rest and Residue
  32. of my monies and personal Estate and Estates whatsoever I give and
  33. bequeath the same unto my executors upon trust to sell and convert into
  34. money so much thereof as shall be in its nature saleable and collect
  35. and receive the residue thereof and thereout pay satisfy and discharge all
  36. my just debts and funeral and testamentary expenses and lay out and
  37. invest the residue thereof in their names in the parliamentary stocks or
  38. public funds of Great Britain and stand possed thereof upon the trusts
  39. following that is to say upon trust to pay and apply the dividends interest
  40. and annual produce thereof to or for the benefit of my said sister Maria
  41. Corsellis during her life and after her decease then to or for the benefit of the
  42. said Harriet Corsellis widow of the said ffrederick Corsellis during her life
  43. and from and after the decease of the said survivor of them the said Maria
  44. Corsellis and Harriet Corsellis the said trustees shall stand possessed of and
  45. interested in the same principal trust monies stocks funds and securities
  46. and the interest dividends and annual produce thereof In trust for the two
  47. Godchildren of my said late brother Matthew Corsellis that is to say the
  48. said Catherine Corsellis Hunt and Matthew Corsellis Utterson or such
  49. one of them as shall be living at the time of my decease and if more
  50. than ome to be equally divided between them and to be paid or transferred
  51. to them him or her respectively when they he or she respectively shall
  52. attain the age of twenty one years and I direct that the interest dividends
  53. and annual proceeds of such trust money stocks funds and securities or
  54. of the respective shares of the said Catherine Corsellis Hunt and Matthew
  55. Corsellis Utterson therein shall be laid out and accumulated in the said
  56. Stocks funds and securities from time to time by way of compound in trust
  57. during their respective minorities for the benefit of the person or persons
  58. Pg 2

58.who shall be entitled to the funds from where such accumulations

  1. shall have respectively proceeded and to be paid and transferred to them
  2. respectively at the same time and together with such funds and I
  3. appoint the said Jackson King Hunt and John Bawtree Esquire of
  4. Abberton and Thomas Hunt of Manchester Square in the County of
  5. Middlesex Esquire Executors of this my will and I declare that my said trustees and executors shall not be answerable one one for the other of them
  6. but each for his own acts receipts neglects and defaults respectively only
  7. nor for any involuntary losses and that they may reimburse themselves
  8. respectively all such costs and expenses as they respectively may be put to
  9. in the execution of the trusts of this my will In witness whereof I have
  10. to this my last Will and Testament contained in two sheets of paper set
  11. my hand this fourth day of July one thousand eight hundred and forty
  12. four Caroline Corselliss Signed by the said Caroline Corsellis the
  13. testatrix in the presence of us (we both being present at the same time )
  14. who in her presence at her request and in the presence of each other
  15. have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses – Edward C
  16. Walmesley 68 Chancery Lane Gent Richd Jones of the same
  17. Place Clerk to Mr Dangerfield
  18. Proved at London 12th Nov 1850 before the Judge by the Oaths
  19. of Jackson King Hunt Esquire John Bawtree Esquire and Thomas
  20. Hunt Esquire the executors to whom Admon was granted having been
  21. First sworn (to wit) the said Jackson King Hunt and John Bawtree by
  22. Canon and the said Thomas Hunt before the worshipful William
  23. Calverley Curtis Doctor of Laws and Surrogate duly to administer


A summary of names and relationships mentioned in the will of Caroline Caesar


Names                                                                  Relationship                                              Line

Harriet Corsellis                                                         Sister in Law                                                  3, 42

Maria Corsellis                                                           Sister                                                                6, 8, 40

Catherine Corsellis Hunt                                        Cousin                                                              12, 48, 54

Louisa Corsellis                                                          Sister in Law                                                  18

Hannah Corsellis                                                                                                                                  20

Elizabeth Hunt                                                           Cousin                                                              21

Jane Turner                                                                 Friend                                                              22

Matthew Corsellis Utterson                                                                                                            24, 27, 48, 54

Jackson King Hunt                                                    Executor

John Bawtree                                                             Executor

Thomas Hunt                                                              Executor

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