Will of William Browne 1834

Rope Maker and Twine Spinner

Transcribed by Frances Belsham

William Browne Rope Maker
Essex Record Office

Wills are generally written without any punctuation or abbreviations. There is often alternative spelling of some words and using upper case letters which do not always mean the start of a new sentence.

In some instances two lower case letters at the start of a word can denote an upper case letter, such as ff for F

Neither are they divided into paragraphs but are continuous lines of writing This can make documents difficult to read or understand.

This post shows the Will exactly as it waswritten with no attempt to break it down into paragraphs. Done in this way it shows exactly how the original document is written. As the documents are sometimes very large each line of writing in the document sometimes takes up two lines when it is transcribed in to the web site.

The last part of this will shows a summary of the Names, Places, Properties and Vessels mentioned in the will.



Browne William


Sealed the 1st October 1834

Under 200£



1         This is the last Will and Testament of me

2         William Browne of Wivenhoe in the County of Essex Rope

3         maker and Twine Spinner made while I am in sound mind

4         memory and understanding _ praised be the Almighty for the

5         same! First and principally I commend my soul into the hands of

6         Almighty God my Creator hoping through the merit of our blessed

7         Saviour to obtain remission of my Sins And my Body I commit to

8         the Earth to be decently buried at the Discretion of my Executors

9         hereinafter named And as to my Temporal Estate I dispose thereof as

10       follows I give and devise unto my younger son Flamwell Enefer

11       Browne now of the age of Seventeen years or thereabouts All that

12       my copyhold or customary messuage called Larkins or otherwise consisting of

13       three Tenaments or Rentaries now in the several occupations of the  Widow

14       Candler Abraham Smith and Mrs Byham with the Outbuilding Yards

15       Gardens and appurtenances to the same belonging situate and being at

16       or near the Cross in the parish of Wivenhoe aforesaid and holden of

17       that Manor by copy of Court Roll And also All that my copyhold

18       or customary Oyster Laying with the appurtenances thereof situate in

19       Tollesbury Fleet and now in the tenure or Occupation of William Turner

20       Barnard or his undertenants To hold the said messuage or tenement

21       Oyster Layer and premises unto him my said Son Flamwell Enefer Browne his

22       heirs and assigns for ever according to the custom of the respective

23       Manors whereof the same are holden And freed and absolutely discharged

24       from all Mortgage Debts (if any) which may be charged upon or affect

25       the same at the time of my Death Provided always    that in

26       Case my said son Flamwell Enefer Browne shall depart this Life under the

27       age of twenty one years and without leaving lawful Issue living at his

28       death Then I give and Devise the same messuage  or tenement

29       Oyster Laying and premises unto my Elder son William Browne his

30       heirs and assigns for ever Subject nevertheless and I do hereby in that

31       case charge the said premises in the hands of my said son William

32       Browne with the payment of two several Sums of Ten pounds one of

33       which I give and bequeath to my Eldest Unmarried Daughter Susanna

34       Browne and the other to my youngest Daughter Sarah Browne and so

35       which sums I direct shall be paid directly to them respectively within Six

Pg 1


36       calendar Months next after the Death of the said Flamwell Enefer

37       Browne Also I give and devise unto my said Son William Browne

38       All that my copyhold or customary messuage or tenement wherein I now

39       reside called Rogers or otherwise with the Hemp Barn Stable and other

40       outbuildings yards Gardens Ropewalk and appurtenances thereto belonging or

41       being near the Cross in the parish of Wivenhoe aforesaid and holden

42       of the said Manor by copy of Court Roll And also all that piece

43       or parcel of Freehold pasture Land adjoining the Ropewalk aforesaid and

44       now also in my own occupation and held with the said last mentioned

45       Messuage or tenement contained by Estimation one acre be the same more

46       or less with the appurtenance to the same piece or parcel of Land

47       belonging To hold all the said last mentioned messuage and other

48       hereditaments Land and appurtenances unto and to the use of him

49       my said son William Browne his heirs and assigns for ever according to

50       the Nature and quality of the same Estates respectively Subject nevertheless

51       to the payment of any Mortgage Debt Lien or Incumberance which may

52       be charged upon or affecting the same at the time of my Death And

53       whereas I have already given or disposed of or do intend fortwith to give or

54       dispose of amongst my Family All my Stock in Trade Household Goods and

55       Furniture and other effects not consisting of money or Securities for money

56       And whereas my other children are sufficiently provided for Now I

57       hereby further give and bequeath to my said Son William Browne All

58       my monies and Securities for money Together with such effects (if any) as

59       I may not have given or disposed of before my Death and all other my

60       personal Estate whatsoever To hold to him my said son William Browne

61       for his own absolute use and benefit Subject nevertheless and I do hereby

62       charge the said personal Estate to and with the Payment of all

63       such Debts as I shall justly  owe at the time of my Death my

64       Funeral expenses the charges of proving this my Will and all other

65       charges incident to the Executors And I hereby nominate and

66       appoint my said son William Browne Together with my friend and

67       Relation The Reverend William Elston of Nacton near Ipswich Executors of

68       this my Will and Guardians also of such of my Children as may

69       be under age at the time of my Decease during their respective Minorities

70       And I trust to the known affection of my said Son William to aid

Pg 2


71       with his best advice his Brother and Sisters and should circumstances

72       call for it to render them such assistance as he can possibly afford

73       without Injury to himself and Family And hereby revoking all former Will

74       or Wills if any heretofore made by me I declare this only to be my last

75       Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have to this my said last

76       Will and Testament contained in three sheets of Paper to the first two

77       Sheets thereof set my Hand and to this thirdnand last Sheet my hand

78       and seal this Eleventh day of March in the year of our Lord One

79       thousand eight hundred and thirty three


Signed sealed published and declared by the said

William Browne the Testator as and for his last

Will and Testament in the presence of us who in

his presence at his request and in the presence

of each other have hereunto subscribed our names

as Witnesses

Saml Mills

Alfred Regus Clerk to N S Cooper

N S Cooper Attorney Colchester



Proved on the 1st Day of October 1834 before the Rev John Dakins Clk Surrog

& by the oath of William Browne one of the Exors to whom Admon

was granted he being first sworn duly to admin  Power being

reserved to the Rev William Elston the other Exor when he shall

lawfully apply for the same



The Eleventh day September 1834

William Browne Eldest Son of the deceased and

one of the Executors within named was sworn to the truth

of this Will and to the performance thus of and

that to the best of his knowledge and belief the amount

of the personal Estate of the deceased is under the sum

of Two Hundred Pounds power being issued to Revd

William Elston of Nacton near Ipswich the

other Executor named in the said Will

The Testator died in the Parish

of Wivenhoe in the County of Essex

on the eighteenth day of March



Before me

John Dalsin



A Summary of Names, Relationships, Places and Properties.

Name                                         Place                       Relationship/Status                        Line

Flanwell Enefer Browne                                         Son                                                10, 21, 26, 36

Widow Candler                                                       Tenant                                          14

Abraham Smith                                                       Tenant                                          14

Mrs Byham                                                              Tenant                                          14

William Turner Barnard                                         Tenant                                          19,

William Browne                                                      Son                                                29, 31, 37, 49, 57, 60, 66

Susanna Browne                                                     Daughter                                      33

Sarah Browne                                                          Daughter                                      34

Revd William Elston                                                Guardian                                      67


Saml Mills                                                                Witness

Alfred Regus                                                            Witness

N S Cooper                                                               Witness



Messuages/Larkins          Wivenhoe                                                                            12

Oyster Laying                    Tollesbury                                                                            19

Messuage/Rogers             Wivenhoe                                                                            40



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