William JONES of Wivenhoe, Mariner, 1834. D/ACW 42/6/4

I William Jones of Wivenhoe in the
County of Essex Mariner do hereby revoke all
Wills and testaments dispositions by me at any
time heretofore made and declare this to be my
last will and testament First I give and bequeath
unto my dear wife Mary Jones (but subject
to the payment of my just Debts and my
funeral and testamentary expenses) All
that the lease and unexpired term to which
I am now entitled in the Ferry and Ferry
House at Wivenhoe aforesaid And also all
My Vessels and shares of Vessels Boats and
Other craft and all my Nets Tackle
Gear and appurtenances for her own use
And benefit And I also give to my
Said Wife all my household furniture
Goods chatles monies Debts and other
My personal Estate not hereinbefore
Mentioned, to and for her own use and
Benefit And my will and desire is that
The debts due and owing from me to my
Children Frances, John and Jamesfor money
Advanced by them to me, vizt Thirty pounds to

My Daughter Frances, Thirty five pounds
To my son John and Fifteen pounds to
My son James shall be paid and satisfied
By my Executor out of my effects as
Soon as convenient after my decease
And in regard to my Vessels or shares
Of Vessels which are subject to certain
Charges thereon my recommendation
And desire is that the same should
Not be sold until a fair and advantageous
Opportunity offers if the parties who
Have claims thereon will allow the
Monies due to them to remain
Secured thereon and exonerate my
Executor, it being my opinion that
It would be more to the interest of
My said Wife that she should retain
Such Vessels and receive the earnings
Rather than to dispose thereof And
I hereby appoint Mr. John Green

Chamberlain of Wivenhoe aforesaid
Merchant Executor of this my last
Will and Testament In Witness whereof
I have hereunto set my hand and seal
The twenty second day of January
One thousand Eight hundred and thirty

William Jones

Signed Sealed and
Published by the Testator
William Jones as his last
Will and Testament in
Our presence who in his
Presence have set our
Names hereto as Witnesses
Thomas Harvey
Sam. Wittey

On Wednesday the twelth day of February in the
Year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and thirty four
Before the Reverend John Dakins Clerk Surrogate of the
Worshipful John Haggard Doctor of Laws Official in and
Throughout the whole Archdeaconry of Colchester lawfully
Appointed at Wivenhoe in the County of Essex

A Business of renouncing the Probate and Execution of the
Last Will and Testament of William Jones late of the Parish of
Wivenhoe in the County of Essex Mariner deceased done by
John Green Chamberlain the sole Executor named in the
Said Will and of granting Letters of Administration with
The said Will annexed of the said William Jones deceased
To Mary Jones the lawful Widow Relict and Universal
Legatee named in the said Will of the Deceased

On which Day
Appeared personally
The said John Green
Chamberlain and
Alleged that the said
William Jones
Departed this Life
On or about the
Tenth day of February
One thousand eight hundred
And thirty three having first
Made and duly executed his last will and
Testament in writing and thereof appointed
Him this appearer the said John Green Chamberlain
Sole Executor who for divers good causes and considerations
Him thereunto moving hath renounced and did expressly and
Absolutely renounce all his Right Title and Interest in
And to the Probate and execution of the said Will of the said
William Jones deceased wherefore he the said John Green
Chamberlain prayed and I the said Surrogate at his
Request and petition admitted his Renunciation and decreed
The same to be enacted and these letters Testimonial
Thereof to be made having Administered to him the usual

Oath that he had not intermeddled and would not
Intermeddle in the Goods Chattels and Credits of the
Said Deceased with an intent to defraud the creditors or
Legatees of the said William Jones deceased Which being
Done appeared personally the said Mary Jones the lawful
Widow Relict and Universal Legatee named in the said Will of the said Deceased and alleged all and
Singular the premises before set forth to be true wherefore
She prayed and I the said Surrogate at her Petition Do
Decree Letters od Administration with the said Will annexed
Of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said
William Jones Deceased to be granted and committed to
Her on giving good and sufficient Security for the same
And Administered to her the usual Oath to the true and
Faithful performance of the said Will and duly to Administer
The said Goods Chattels and Credits of the said Deceased
And the said Mary Jones further made Oath that the
Amount of the value of the said Goods Chattels and Credits
Is under the sum of four hundred and fifty pounds
Which I attest
John Dakins } Surrogate

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