Works of Art on Display in The Black Buoy ( March 2020 - 2023 )

Gill Strudwick

Bridging the Sea Wall, a painting by Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor
Gail and Roy Cross
'Seagulls' by Gail Cross
'Girl in Red Dress' by Roy Cross
'Charlie Gunn' by Tony Young
James Dodds
'Taken Home' by James Dodds
'Colne marine & Yacht Co.' by James Dodds
Portrait of John Cooper Clarke by Jeff Firth 2002 'Sitting Still Is What I Do Best'
'Tropical Fish Shoal' by Annie Bielecka Jones
'Blue/Orange Abstract' by Deryck Healey
'Black Buoy' by Bob Needham
Robert Needham (Bob)
'The Black Buoy' by Derek Knight
Derek Knight
Emily Osborne with her 'Four Photos'
'Albatros' by Bryan Rowland
Bryan Rowland
'White Sails' by Jane Watson
Jane Watson
'River Colne Landscape' by Nick Wilkinson
Nick Wilkinson

In March 2020, a number of pictures were on display in The Black Buoy. Some of them are highlighted here.  Many of these works of art were loaned to the pub after its refubishment in 2013.


Alan Taylor (dec’d) – ‘Bridging the Sea Wall’. [Acrylic  1970/71] and of  The Brewery Tavern (2020)

This painting depicts a local scene which involved some residents and University students mending a gap in the sea wall, the event even made the local newspaper.

Alan was born in Middlesex, and in 1963 came to Wivenhoe to study at Colchester School of Art.  He later studied at Stourbridge College of Art and at Sussex University. He lived in Wivenhoe, France and Cornwall. Unfortunately he died in April 2022. This painting was then removed.

Also, reproduced here is a painting of The Brewery Tavern, a pub just round the corner from The Black Buoy and well frequented by lots of artists too.

See Alan’s bright cards in the Wivenhoe bookshop and on his website http://www.painting


The popular artistic couple – Gail and Roy Cross (both now deceased)

Gail Cross – ‘Seagulls’ and ‘Winter Path’   Oils  1987


Gail came from London and was often referred to as the ‘Chelsea Girl’.  She trained in photography but enjoyed painting.  She was  married to the artist Roy Cross, and they came to Wivenhoe in the late 1950s.  They were a very attractive couple and at this time were referred to as the ‘Burton and Taylor’ of Wivenhoe.  She has another painting on display called ‘ Winter Path’.


Roy Cross – ‘The Girl in The Red Dress’   Oil

Roy was a very talented Artist and he encouraged other artists to come here in the 1960’s.  He studied at Liverpool School of Art and in later years became Head of Art at St.Helena School, Colchester.  He was famous for his sweeping abstract marks with thick oil paint.  Roy also painted portraits and one of the ex Mayor Val last can be seen in the Wivenhoe Council Offices. 




Note – The Wivenhoe Arts Club

When George Gale of Ballast Quay House decided to create an arts club in his former stables & coach house, this group of artists became long serving members of the Wivenhoe Arts Club.

After the 2nd World War famous artists such as Dennis Wirth Miller & Richard Chopping came to live in Wivenhoe.  Later in the 1970’s John Doubleday and Ernie Turner brought their fame to Wivenhoe.  Ernie Turner used to exhibit his paintings in the Brewery Tavern.


Tony Young (dec’d) – Painting of  ‘Charlie Gunn’

Tony Young was born in 1940.  He had no formal art training, but was well known in Wivenhoe for his artistic talent.  He was also a successful picture framer and he lived in Station Road.

Tony’s local was ‘The Station’ and this art-work is thought to be of Charlie Gunn who also frequented this pub, was a drinking companion and a local character, who lived on his boat on The Quay. See picture painted in the 1960s.

Tony was an active member of Wivenhoe Arts Club during the 1960s and was part of a small group who started the May Fair.




Now in 2023

Now in 2023 many talented artists and creative people live and work in Wivenhoe,some of whom have also produced works of art which were on show in 2020.

James Dodds – ‘Taken Home’ and ‘Colne Marine and Yacht Co.’   Lino Cuts.

James was once an apprenticed shipwright and certainly knows about oak frames, larch planking and boat construction.  James is a professional Wivenhoe artist who, after his apprentiship, studied at Colchester School of Art, Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art.  He is now famous internationally for his boat paintings.  He recently designed the colourful blue boat in the trianangular window of St.Mary’s Church annexe.

There are two lino cuts on display ‘Taken Home’ and ‘Colne Marine & Yacht Co’  These are local scenes and ‘Taken Home’ was designed to illustrate Martin Newell’s epic poem ‘The Wild Man of Wivenhoe’.  The Colne Marine & Yacht Co. stopped trading in about 1992 and the building was converted into appartments.  You can see Guy Harding’s office/shed near the site of the old foot ferry, and the wooden crane used for launching boats in the background.

Also on display is his print of ‘The Pegasus’, a pilot cutter, built by Bristol Classic Boat Co. and launched in 2008.

James has now produced a book ‘Wivenhoe Artists 1946 – 86’  Jardine Press ISBN 9 781838 227210 on sale at Wivenhoe Book Shop.











Jeff Firth – Portrait of John Cooper Clarke   ‘Sitting Still Is What I Do Best’   Pastel 2002

This characterful and colourful pastel portrait was created in Wivenhoe.  Jeff studied Fine Art at Edinburgh University and taught at Hornsy College of art in London. he now paints on his ipad.  John Cooper Clarke is a well known poet who performs reularly on tour and TV.  Signed prints are available of the original.













Annie Bielecka Jones – ‘Tropical Fish Shoal’   Textiles and Silks  2010

Annie is a local artist, born in Waleswho works primarily in textiles using colourful silks, satins and metallic threads to create movement and reflect light. Similar work by her can be seen in St.Mary’s Church, Wivenhoe.








Deryck Healey  ‘Blue / Orange Abstract’   Oil

Deryck was born in South Africa in 1937 and after studying Art at Durban and Manchester, he became a internationally acclaimed artist.  He moved to Wivenhoe in 1999 and died here in 2004.  In the 1960’s he was famous for his textile and print designs.






Robert Needham  ‘Black Buoy’  Acrylic on fret –  worked plywood   2017

Bob is an amatuer artist and ‘Town Crier’.  He was born in Wivenhoe and this is one of four pieces which depict local scenes.  The ‘Rose and crown’ and ‘Anchor Hill are on display in the Wyvern Room of the William Loveless Hall, Wivenhoe.












Derek Knight ‘The Black Buoy’   Acrylic 2017

Derek had a small holding in Fingeringhoe.  He is a self-taught artist who likes to paint buildings and landscapes from photographs.  Derek was involved with the pub, as he did the hard landscaping in the pub garden.









Emily Osborne – ‘The Old Boy’s Corner’   Four Photographs

Bernie,Colin,Nick and Tom regularly sat in the corner of this pub, at thesame  table in front of the fire.  These chracter photos were part of Emily’s phototgraphy degree project ‘Portrait and Light’, which focused on how the older generation get into a retirement regime.  The camera used was a medium format type.








































Bryan Rowland – ‘Albatros’  (Wells next to Sea)      Ink and Wash

Bryan lives in Harwich and has been involved in several colourful and fun Art projects local to that area.  He did the sign writing at the Black Buoy when it was refurbished.











Jane Watson –  ‘White Sails’   Acrylic    2014

Jane is a local Wivenhoe artist who is inspired by living near the River Colne.  She explains ‘I always feel excited when starting a painting or collage, as I am never quite sure how the painting is going to turn out’.
Her cards and collages are on sale locally.










Nick Wilkinson – River Colne Landscape   Oil

Nick was born in Yorkshire and came to live in Wivenhoe in the 1980’s.  He painted from a studio in Alma Street and took inspiration from the local landscape.  He was an occupational therapist. Nick died in 2003.



These works of Art may have changed since 2022.























































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