The Bridge

The bridge linking Wivenhoe to Rowhedge

Libby Armstrong (Nottage Maritime Institute)

The bridge built by the Royal Engineers to link Rowhedge and Wivenhoe. Unfortunately, this rather battered photograph is the best that could be found to show where the bridge actually was.

This bridge was constructed during WWI by the Army Engineers to transport troops and military equipment from the Garrison at Colchester to the Brightlingsea, Harwich area in the event of a German landing.

After the War, the Councils were offered the bridge, but declined as it needed to be constantly manned so that it could be opened to allow for ships to navigate the river.

Looking through the bridge, it shows the Wivenhoe waterfront with Husks house set in front of his boat shed (which are where the block of flats called ‘The Oystercatchers’ has been built).

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  • The view through the bridge is the quay and shipyard at Rowhedge, not Wivenhoe…. if you’d like another image (without the bridge) I’ll send one. Kind regards, Dan

    By Daniel Simons (18/09/2017)
  • Thanks Dan. That would be great.
    Peter (

    By Peter Hill (22/09/2017)

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