The Men who Died in WW1

A list of names of people who lost their lives in WW1 and are named on the War Memorial

Posted by Peter Hill

The War Memorial which was refurbished in 2005
The names of 46 men who died during the Great War
The War Memorial in St Mary's Churchyard was dedicated on 21st June 1921
Roger Belsham laying a wreath on behalf of the Wivenhoe Branch of the Royal British Legion
Peter Hill
The crowds around the War Memorial for the annual Service of Remembrance.
Peter Hill
Cub Scouts and their leaders, Tony and Vicky Tierney, together with lots of other units of the Wivenhoe Scout & Guide Association attending the Service at the War Memorial.
Peter Hill

Where the name is underlined and highlighted in blue, there is a linked page available which gives more details of this person.  Click on the name to find out more.

Note:  This list only mentions those people whose names are inscribed on Wivenhoe’s War Memorial, 46 in all. A total of 70 men from Wivenhoe died as a result of this War. We have not been able to work out why so many names are missing from the Memorial. Possibly some families had moved away from Wivenhoe by the time the War Memorial was unveiled in 1921. We can only speculate. Wivenhoe History Group  

Annual Service of Remembrance

Each year, a large number of people gather around the War Memorial to remember all those who have given their lives in the wars of the last century in a service organised by the Wivenhoe branch of the Royal British Legion.  Such is the number who attend, perhaps 400 – 500 people, the War Memorial is surrounded by a great circle of people standing several deep. These people include a substantial number of young people from local scouting and guiding units, with their parents, who join this gathering from their own service of Remembrance held in the public hall at the same time that the Legion service takes place in St Mary’s Church.  Wreaths are laid by many organisations and people, led by the Town Mayor.

A poem entitled:  The War Memorial

I looked upon the churchyard stone, clear in the sunny rays,

how this shining memorial hides our darkest days.

That Marble plaque was etched in words as Black as Jet,

with the inspiring phrase   ‘Lest we forget’

Names of boys, familiar names that I hear today,

who fought and died in foreign fields far away.

There are brothers there, in groups of three or four,

sons of mothers who will cuddle no more.

Soon I will stand, wreath in hand, in sombre frame,

ready to honour each and every name.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

We will remember them.

Written by Cllr Robert Needham, a former Town Mayor of Wivenhoe (2011/12)




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  • It might be an idea to mention those people who survived the carnage in France like my grand-dad Alf Cox. Late of Station Rd & Vanessa Drive. I recall some of his old war tales from my own childhood. Mind you, he never spoke of the horrors only about the humorous incidents that befell him. He served as an Auxiliary Fireman during the second world war and during those years lived with my granny and his 2 sons in West Street

    By SD Cox (22/11/2016)
  • Dear Mr Cox. We have recently add some more names to the list of people whom we have been able to trace as having served in WW1 in some capacity. Is he one of them do you think? If you can write something about your Grandfather and send us a picture or two of him, we can create a page about him.
    Peter Hill, Chairman, Wivenhoe History Group

    By Peter Hill (03/12/2016)
  • I am the great nephew of Sergeant Horace Willaim Pitt MM. 10th Bn, Essex Regiment. who died of wounds on 31 March 1918 aged 22. He was the son of William and Edith M Pitt of Hamilton Villa, Wivenhoe. He is buried in Boves East Communal Cemetery, Somme, France. I currently hold his medals.

    By William Robert Pitt (30/08/2015)
  • Dear William. Thank you for contacting us. I have now added a page for Horace Pitt with all the details we know about him plus some pictures of him and his band. If you would like to send me a photograph of his medals, I would be happy to add these to his web page plus any other information you know about him or his family.
    Peter Hill, Chairman, Wivenhoe History Group email:

    By Peter Hill (23/10/2015)

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