'Calton' Dinner menus + Photo's by Alf Jefferies

Alf Jefferies worked in Wivenhoe Shipyard on HM Coastal Minesweeper ‘Calton' and was invited to the dinner to mark her launching

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Wivenhoe Shipyard worker Alf Jefferies in the 1950s.
Copyright Lynn Ballard.
The Calton being launched
Photo by Alf Jefferies. Copyright Lynn Ballard.
Coastal minesweeper, the Calton
Photo by Alf Jefferies. Copyright Lynn Ballard.
The invitation to Alf Jefferies aged 21 to the dinner to mark the launching of the Calton in 1953.
Copyright Lynn Ballard

Alf Jefferies was 21 years old when he worked for Wivenhoe Shipyard in 1953. He took lots of photographs during his life, some of which are shown here including the launching of the HM Coastal Minesweeper ‘Calton ‘ on which he had worked. He along with with many other shipyard workers were invited to a dinner dance on 24th October 1953 at the Red Lion Hotel in Colchester to celebrate her launch.

His daughter, Lynn Ballard, has published many of his photographs on Facebook and Flickr where they have proved popular. Have a look at Photo’s by Alf Jefferies on Facebook or Flickr.

See also this page about the launching of the Calton and the Wivenhoe Shipyard – click here

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  • Hello again, I have studied the dinner menues and researched a bit. I believe that many of the signatures are the Company men including the Chairman Mr Robert W Buckingham, who embellished his name with a mouse as the R. The Munson could also be Arthur, I am in contact with his son who will remember. Forgive the 4 years delay in replying to the above from Simon Green, Many thanks, Lynn

    By Lynn Ballard (10/08/2021)
  • I can suggest a name Albert Edward Munson who appears to have signed. Based purely on his initials . B 1902 d 1977
    My 2nd cousin 4x removed.

    By Simon Green (30/09/2017)
  • Dear Peter, Thank you for this lovely piece about my Dad Alf Jefferies, Thanks also for the recognition of his photography. You have told me something I didn’t know, that he worked at the shipyard and was one of the many who built the ‘Calton’.

    All best wishes,

    By Lynn Ballard (30/09/2017)

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