Will of George Edwards, Esquire, Royal Navy 1751-1797

Illegitimate son of Isaac Martin Rebow

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Isaac Martin Rebow (1731-1781) married his first cousin Mary, the daughter of his uncle Thomas Martin, and granddaughter of Captain Matthew Martin, in 1772, but in his youth he also had a relationship with his first cousin on his father’s side, Sophia Christiana (de) Hoppman (1733-1799), the daughter of his father’s sister, Rachel Rebow (1705-1744), who had made a good marriage in 1721 at the age of sixteen to Baron Johan Gerhard (de) Hoppman from Horley, in Surrey. This resulted in an illegitimate child, named George Edwards who was brought up in Kent.

There are several bequests and references to the Rebow family and also to members of Captain Daniel Harvey’s family. Daniel Harvey died in 1794 but the Will refers to his widow then living in Stanmore, Middlesex, his daughter Harriet (now Mrs Parry of Aldermanbury) and his son George Harvey of the Temple see.


Will of George Edwards, of the Royal Navy of Richmond, Surrey, 28 June 1797

I, George Edwards, of the Royal Navy, of Richmond in the County of Surry [sic], being perfectly sound in mind but very infirm in Body (owing to various Complaints with which I have been long afflicted thro the displeasure of the Almighty who is thus Chastising me for the manifold negligences, crimes and sins I have been guilty of but I hope and trust by a sincere repentance and thro the merits and mediations of his blessed son our Saviour Jesus Christ I shall be pardoned and received into his Heavenly Kingdom) do declare this to be my last will and Testament.

Imprimis. I bequeath to Miss [sic] Sophia Christiana de Hoppmann of Lewisham in the County of Kent the Interest of seven hundred pounds stock in the 3 Per Cent Consols, being twenty one pounds per Annum during her natural life, after which I bequeath the said Interest of the said stock to my dearly beloved wife Joan Gregory Edwards for her natural life, after which I bequeath the said Interest of the said stock to be equally divided between my two old and faithful servants, Hannah Warner and George Giles (or Black) that is ten pounds ten shillings to each of them per Annum during their natural lives, after which I bequeath the first half of the said Interest of the said Stock, that is ten pounds ten shillings per annum, that shall become vacant by the death of either of these servants aforementioned to the Marine Society (Incorporated in the year 1772) for ever and I bequeath the second half of the interest of the said stock (that is ten pounds ten shillings per annum) that shall become vacant by the death of the other servant to the Foundling Hospital in Lambs Conduit Fields for ever.

I bequeath to my most esteemed and affectionate Friend Mrs [Mary] Rebow (of the Park near Colchester) a small Case containing one dozen silver handled Knives and Forks which formerly belonged to Sir Justice Beck (one of our Family) and a mourning Ring value two Guineas.

I bequeath to Mr. [Francis] Slater Rebow my Cane Cypher’d I.M.R. it was my father’s [Isaac Martin Rebow].

I bequeath to Mrs. Slater Rebow [his half sister Mary Hester] a mourning Ring which contains some of my Father’s Hair and a Mourning Ring value two Guineas.

I Bequeath to Mr H[enr]y Hichens my Cane Cyphered G.E. on the head.

I Bequeath to Mrs. H Hichens [his half sister Sarah Emma] a small Locket containing the Hair of Miss Frances [Mary] Rebow [his half sister who died in 1793] and a mourning Ring value two Guineas.

I Bequeath to Mrs Fraser of Memsie in Scotland [his cousin Sarah] a mourning Ring value two Guineas and to Mr, Mrs and Miss Fraser of Menzie a pair of Gloves each

I Bequeath to Mrs Adams (wife of Gen[era]l Adams) a Mourning Ring value two Guineas and to Gen[era]l and Mrs. and Miss Adams a pair of Gloves each

I bequeath to Mr. James Fletcher my much esteem’d Friend (of Richmond in Surry) my Gun Case and all the Apparatus thereunto belonging and my Brace of Pistols

I Bequeath to Mrs Ennew of Colchester, Mrs. Harvey of Stanmore, Mrs Parry of Aldermanbury her daughter, and Mr Geo[rge] Harvey of the Temple her son a pair of Gloves each

I Bequeath to Mr John Stephen, purser of H.M.S. St Albans and secretary to Ad[mira]l [George] Vandeput, my old and worthy Friend, my silver snuff Box with a shell lid

I Bequeath to Capt[ai]n John Wordsworth of the Abergavenny, East Indiaman, my silver hilted small Sword which was Com[mande]r Deane’s, his Relation and my Friend

I Bequeath to Capt[ai]n T[homas] Surridge of the Royal Navy my yellow hilted Uniform sword

I Bequeath to Capt[ai]n John Price, of the [Lord] Hawkesbury, East Indiaman, my Masonic Knight Templar and all my Masonic Insignia

I Bequeath to the Rev[erend] W[alter] W[ren] Driffield, of Feering in the County of Essex, my Paste Knee Buckles and a Pair of Gloves

I Bequeath to the Rev[eren]d John Smithers, of Colchester, my Gold Sleeve Buttons and a Pair of Gloves

I Bequeath to the Rev[eren]d W[illia]m French, of Bow, Mid[dle]sex, after the decease of my Wife a small drawing of mine – a Sea Port delineated  with a Pen – and a Pair of Gloves

I Bequeath to Mr Wilkinson, of Bow, Mid[dle]sex, Surgeon, a pair of Gloves

Finally, I Bequeath to my most Exemplary and truly affectionate wife, Joan Gregory Edwards, All the rest, residue and remainder of my Goods and Chattels, or property under whatever name it may come sincerely regretting at the same time that I have so little give her, requesting her to demand all monies which may be due to me and to pay all my Debts

I Constitute and Appoint my dearly beloved wife, Joan Gregory Edwards, and James Fletcher, Esqr, of Richmond Hill, my Executors for seeing this my last Will and Testament duly and truly put in force, as witness my hand and seal this day of June, Saturday the twenty fourth, one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven. George Edwards, R.N. Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said George Edwards, Esqr. the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request, and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto this day

Hen[r]y Bazett, Gent. Matthew Skinner, Clerk.

This Will was proved at London the twenty eighth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven, before the Worshipful Samuel Pearce Parson, Doctor of Laws, Surrogate of the Right Honourable Sir William Wynne, Knight, Doctor of Laws, Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, lawfully constituted by the Oath of James Fletcher, Esquire, one of the Executors named in the said Will to whom ad[ministratio]n was granted of all and singular the Goods, Chattells and Credits of the deceased, having been first sworn duly to adm[ini]ster power reserved of making the like grant to Joan Gregory Edwards, Widow, the Relict of the said deceased and the other Ex[ecut]or named in the said will when she shall apply for the same.

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