Wivenhoe Sailing Club - 1925

Members of Wivenhoe Sailing Club on the Quay about 1925.

John Collins (Nottage Maritime Institute)

Members of Wivenhoe Sailing Club about 1925.
Nottage Maritime Institute 01085

On the back row, left to right,  number 2 is “Gassy” Edwards – so named as he was in charge of the Gas works and lived on site.  No. 4 is Johnny Turner who served on the Britannia as Mast Headsman – I believe that he was a nephew of Captain Turner, the professional skipper of the King’s boat, Britannia.   No. 6 is old Charles Sainty who ran the Fingringhoe ferry, grandfather of Arthur and Peter Sainty of our generation – both good footballers and also helmsmen of WOD “Ranger”, Next to old Charles Sainty, is Darcy Percival.   No.9 is Charlie Sainty – father of Arthur and Peter, and son of old Charles Sainty.

Middle of the front row is old Charles Scofield, father of Gibson and grandfather of the 3rd generation Charles Scofield, and on the end right is Gibson Scofield, father of Charles Scofield.

Note: This information was supplied by Tony Forsgate.


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  • Back row – no. 6 to the right (next to old Charles Sainty) is Darcy Percival.

    By Tony Forsgate (21/05/2015)

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