A Cross in St Mary's made from the Lime Tree which once stood in the Churchyard

This Lime Tree fell down in 1987 and Colin Oliver made a Cross from it

Peter Hill

In 1996 Colin Oliver made a Cross from the timber saved from the Lime Tree which once stood in the Churchyard but which fell down during the gales of 1987. He presented it to St Mary's Church. He is seen here with Rev David Thomas, then Rector of St Mary's Church, Wivenhoe.
Antoinette Stinson
The Council marked the occasion with this certificate which was signed by Rev David Thomas, then Rector of St Mary's Church, Colin Oliver as the Craftsman, and Cllr Peter Hill, Town Mayor at that time.
Photo: Peter Hill
The fallen Lime Tree in the churchyard - consequence of a gale in 1987
Wivenhoe Memories Collection
The Altar at St Mary's decorated with a simple wooden cross made by Colin Oliver
Photo: Peter Hill
The view of the Church and the Lime tree in 1993

In 1987 a tremendous gale toppled an old Lime Tree which stood in the churchyard between the south side of the Church and the Fish & Chip shop. It is amazing that the tree came down without causing any damage, which it could have done so easily, and expensively, although the Church did lose a few tiles.

It had become a tall tree and was visible to anyone looking at Wivenhoe from across the river or from down the river.

The Town Council had the tree cut up into planks which were stored for some considerable time in the sheds in the Council yard. Some of these planks were used to provide a boundary fence around the public car park opposite the The Greyhound PH. A few were used to make a trough around the War Memorial in which were planted geraniums in the summer.

Colin Oliver, who worked for Wivenhoe Town Council, suggested that he might make a Cross from some of the remainder in his own time. The Council readily agreed to this idea and on 28th March 1996, Colin presented his Cross to Rev David Thomas, then Rector of St Mary’s.

It is the Cross which usually stands on the Altar during the week.

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