Filming of "Plotlands" 1996

On the old Cook's Wet Dock and in Anchor Hill

Mike Downes

“Plotlands” a 6 part tv series made for BBC Television in 1996, shown 1997, was filmed partly here in Wivenhoe and partly in Ashridge Park, Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire. Several “local characters” had walk on parts.

Starred: Rebecca Callard, Amanda Abbingon and Saskia Reeves
Production Co: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Wall to Wall Television

The filming took place over 3 days during which the Wet Dock in Cook’s Shipyard was transformed and also Anchor Hill, where the shops and buildings all had a makeover to give each of them a new identity. It was very exciting for many people and lots of local residents came down to see what was happening. Some managed to get small parts in crowd scenes or even a role as shop-keeper like Stan Thurgood.  For the tv series, Wivenhoe became re-named Langton.

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  • They also used parts of Ballast Quay Road,for the scene where Saskia Reeves was knocking on doors looking for employment.
    There were only 3 wivenhoe extra’s used for that morning of filming…plus a dog,who i think belonged to a local person,too!
    I had to get used to the dog,whilst wearing shoes a size too small for me,and walk it past Saskia!That was my 5 minutes of
    The dock scenes were filmed that afternoon, and i was in the background somewhere playing someone else!

    By pete (14/11/2017)

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