An Interview with Mr Alfred Wakeling

Notes of an interview with Mr Alfred Wakeling made by Nicholas Butler in the mid 1980s

These are the notes made by Nicholas Butler who interviewed Mr Alfred Wakeling of 9 Queen Street Brightlingsea in the mid 1980s as part of his research for his book “The Story of Wivenhoe”.   These notes have been re-typed by Ann Jones from Nicholas Butler’s original notes and posted here by Frances Belsham

About Mr Wakeling

He is the Assistant Keeper of the Records of the Cinque Port Liberty of Brightlingsea.

What Mr Wakeling told Nick Butler:

The Swedenborgians: active as early as 1809 in these parts.   Used to advertise by poster and people came from Wivenhoe, St Osyth and Colchester.   Moses Fletcher came to practice as a surgeon.   Brightlingsea became the centre for spreading the gospel.   The Brightlingsea group started in 1813.   

The first one in that book – My abstraction of Baptismal Registers at Swedenborg House – is 15 July 1839 (that is, the first Wivenhoe baptism)   Emma Franks, the daughter of William Franks, a baker, and his wife Martha.   

The second Wivenhoe baptism was James their son on 6 March 1842.   

Daniel Chapman, a bricklayer, and Phoebe his wife, brought their daughter Ann to be baptised on 3 July 1842.   

The Franks brought their son, Frederick, to be baptised on 28 April 1844.   

The Chapmans brought their daughter Emily on 31 August 1845

On 16 May 1847 John and Mary Chattin (he was a thatcher), brought their daughter Sarah, who was 11 years old, also Ann who was 9yrs old.

On the same day, Daniel and Phoebe Chapman brought their daughter Mary Ann.

Then there is a gap

Henry Peacock Pullim and his wife Mary brought their son Harry on 20 July 1856. This may be a misspelling of Pullen.

There are no more Wivenhoe baptisms

The firm James & Stone is closing on 29 February 1988

The Colne Shipbuilders’ Cup (for football) was won as follows:

1911-12 Forrestt & Co 1963-64 James & Stone

1912-13 Rennie Forrestt & Co 1964-65 James & Stone

1913-14 Rennie Forrestt & Co 1965-66 James & Stone

1917-18 Rennie Forrestt & Co 1966-67 James & Stone

1918-19 Aldous Ltd 1967-68 James & Stone

1919-20 Aldous Ltd 1968-69 James & Stone

1920-21 Aldous Ltd 1969-70 James W Cook

1921-22 Rennie,Ritchie & Newport Ltd 1970-71 James W Cook

1923-24 Rowhedge Ironworks Co 1971-72 James W Cook

1940-41 The Rowhedge Ironworks Co Ltd 1972-73 James W Cook

1941-42 The Rowhedge Ironworks Co Ltd 1973-74 James W Cook

1942-43 The Rowhedge Ironworks Co Ltd 1974-75 James W Cook

1943-44 Wivenhoe Shipyard Ltd 1980-81 James W Cook

1961-62 J W Cook 1981-82 James W Cook

1962-63 J W Cook

The Colne Shipbuilders Cricket Challenge Cup was won as follows:-

1942 Rowhedge 1968 James & Stone

1943 Aldous 1969 James & Stone

1944 Rowhedge 1970 J W Cook

1945 Rowhedge 1971 J W Cook

1952 Rowhedge 1972 J W Cook

1953 Rowhedge 1973 J W Cook

1954 Rowhedge 1974 James & Stone

1955 Rowhedge 1975 James W Cook

1956 J W Cook 1976 James W Cook

1957 Aldous 1977 James W Cook

1958 Aldous 1978 James W Cook

1959 Aldous 1979 James W Cook

1960 J W Cook 1980 James & Stone

1961 J W Cook 1981 James & Stone

1962 J W Cook 1982 James W Cook

1963 J W Cook 1983 James W Cook

1964 J W Cook 1984 James & Stone

1965 James & Stone 1985 James W Cook

1966 James & Stone

For the book Nicholas Butler would describe the abstract shown him as Baptismal Registers of the Brightlingsea New Church now lodged in the London Headquarters of the Swedenborgian Church, Bloomsbury Square.

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