Will of John Sanford - Shoemaker 1775-1850

Brother to Thomas Sanford.

John Foster and Frances Belsham

Wills are generally written without any punctuation or abbreviations. There is often alternative spelling of some words and using upper case letters which do not always mean the start of a new sentence. Neither are they divided into paragraphs but are continuous lines of writing This can make documents difficult to read or understand.

This post shows the Will exactly as it was written with no attempt to break it down into paragraphs. Done in this way it shows exactly how the original document is written. As the documents are sometimes very large each line of writing in the document sometimes takes up two lines when it is transcribed in to the web site.



John Sanford, shoemaker was the older brother of Thomas Sanford and Mary Ann Sanford.

He left to his brother Thomas a property in West St. Wivenhoe. The other two properties that he owned in West St, he left to his sisters Mary Ann Sanford and Kezia Hines.

Any money raised from sale of assets was to be divided equally between his sisters Mary Ann and Kezia.



Date of will: 1845-08-07
Date of probate: 1850-09-19

Testator: John Sanford, shoemaker

Thomas Sanford, brother of testator

Mary Sanford, sister of testator

Kezia Hines, sister of testator

William Hines, husband of Kezia

Mrs Painter, unknown

Mrs Lewis: perhaps Deborah Lewis, though she died before
the will was proved.

I John Sanford of Wivenhoe in the County of
Essex Shoemaker do make my last Will and Testament in manner
following that is to say I order and direct my executors hereinafter
named or the survivor of them as soon as conveniently may be after
my decease to make sale and absolutely dispose of all and every my
copyhold messuages or tenements and cottages with the yards
gardens land and appurtenances to the same belonging or appurtain-
ing either by public auction or private contract and together or in
parcels as they my executors or the survivor of them his executors or
administrators shall think proper and the monies to (?) and be
produced from all and every such Sale or Sales after deducting the
costs and expences attending the same I direct shall fall into and
be considered deemed and taken as part of the residue of my personal
estate And I hereby declare and direct that the receipt and receipts
of my executors or the survivor of them or of the person or persons
for the time being acting in the execution of this my Will shall be
a good and sufficient discharge and good and sufficient discharges
to the purchaser or purchasers of my said copyhold hereditaments
for his her and their purchase money and that after taking such receipts

for the same such purchaser and purchasers shall not be answerable for
the application or misapplication thereof And I give and devise unto
my dear brother Thomas Sanford all that my freehold messuage or
tenement situate in West Street in Wivenhoe aforesaid in which he
now resides and which for many years was occupied by our late uncle
Benjamin Sanford with the yard garden outbuildings and appurten-
ances to the same belonging and now held and enjoyed therewith
To hold the same unto my said brother Thomas Sanford his heirs
and assigns for ever And I give and devise all those my other two
freehold messuages or tenements in West Street Wivenhoe aforesaid near
or adjoining to the said messuage or tenement laterly occupied by my
uncle as aforesaid and now in the tenure or occupation of Mrs Painter
and Mrs Lewis and all and every other my freehold messuages or tene-
ments and real estate whatsoever and wheresoever with the rights

members and appurtenances unto my dear sisters Mary Sanford and
members and appurtenances unto my dear Sisters Mary Sanford and
Kezia Hines To hold to them my said Sisters and their heirs respect-
ively in equal shares as tenants in common and not as joint tenants
And as to all my monies in hand securities for money debts due and
owing to me household goods furniture and all other my personal
estate whatsoever and wheresoever not hereinbefore or in my lifetime
given or disposed of (I having given already to my Sister Mary Sanford
my monies invested in Dutch bonds for her own absolute use) I give and
bequeath the same and every part thereof and also the monies to arise
and be produced by sale of my said copyhold estates and the rents to
accrue due for the same until the Sale unto my said Sisters Mary
Sanford and Kezia Hines equally to be divided between them share
and share alike to and for their own respective use and benefit And
I nominate and appoint my said Brother Thomas Sanford and
my Brother in law William Hines the husband of my said Sister
Kezia Executors of this my Will In witness whereof I have here-
unto set my hand this seventh day of August in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and forty five – John Sanford –
Signed by the said Testator John Sanford in our presence we being
both present at the same time and in his and each others presence
have hereunto set our names as Witnesses – Saml Willey of
Colchester – Geo Palmer his Clerk

Proved at London the 19th Septr 1850 before the Judge
by the oaths of Thomas Sanford the Brother and William Hines
the executors to whom adm[inistrati]on was granted having been first
sworn by Comon only to administer.

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