Will of William Sanford 1775-1833

Cousin to Thomas and Mary Ann Sanford

Transcribed by Frances Belsham

Wills are generally written without any punctuation or abbreviations. There is often alternative spelling of some words and using upper case letters which do not always mean the start of a new sentence. Neither are they divided into paragraphs but are continuous lines of writing This can make documents difficult to read or understand.

This post shows the Will exactly as it was written with no attempt to break it down into paragraphs. Done in this way it shows exactly how the original document is written. As the documents are sometimes very large each line of writing in the document sometimes takes up two lines when it is transcribed in to the web site.


William Sanford left his substantial estate to his sister Elizabeth. This included the house on the quay in which he was then living.

If his sister were to die before Thomas Sanford then the house would pass to Thomas. Elizabeth died in 1844. Thomas died in 1858 and so the house on the Quay did pass to him.


I William Sanford of Wivenhoe in the
County of Essex Gentleman do hereby revoke all wills and other testamentary
dispositions by me at any time heretofore made and do declare this to be and
contain my last will and testament first I give and bequeath unto my Execors
hereinafter named all my household Goods and furniture Brewing Utensils
plate Linen china and other household articles which shall be in upon or
about my Dwelling house and premises at the time of my decease In trust for
the sole separate and absolute use and benefit of my sister Elizabeth Clark and so
and in such manner and to the intent that she may use and enjoy the same and
sell and dispose thereof at her own will and pleasure independent of the control
debts or engagements of the present and any future husband And also I give and
bequeath unto my Executors hereinafter named all my monies in the public
stocks or funds ready money debts due and owing to me and all other my personal
estate whatsoever and wheresoever not herein before disposed of upon trust that
my Executors do and shall convert into money all such part and parts of my
said personal Estate as shall not consist of money and collect yet in and
receive all debts and sums of money due and owing to me and after paying
them out all just debts and my funeral and testamentary expenses my will
is that my Executors do and shall lay out and invest in their names all and
singular my said residuary personal estate at interest in the public funds of
Great Britain or on good Real Security Upon trust that they or the survivor
Of them (or execurs or admins of such survivor) do and shall from time to time as and when the dividends or interest
shall be received pay the same into the proper hands of my said Sister Elizabeth
Clark during her natural life for her own separate and exclusive use and benefit
independent of the debts contracts control and engagements of her present or any
future husband and for which her receipt alone shall be to my Executors a
sufficient discharge and from and immediately after the decease of the said
Elizabeth Clark my will is and I hereby direct that my said Executors and
Trustees do and shall stand and be possessed of the principal of the same trust
Monies stocks funds and securities In trust for my cousins John Sanford of
Wivenhoe aforesaid Shoemaker Thomas Sanford of the same place Oyster
Merchant Edward Sanford of the same place plumber and Glazier and James
Mason of Colchester in the said County Spirit Merchant equally to be divided
between them share and share alike for their own respective use and benefit
absolutely and to be vested interests in them respectively at my decease Also I
give and devise unto my said Executors hereinafter named (and their heirs) all that my messuage
or tenement in which I now reside situate on the quay in Wivenhoe aforesaid
with the stable outhouses yards and appurtenances to the same belonging In trust that
they my Executors or the survivor of them his executors or administrators do and shall
permit and suffer my said Sister Elizabeth Clark during the term of her natural life to
reside in or upon the said premises or otherwise (do and shall) pay to or authorize and empower
her or her assigns to receive and take the rents issues and profits thereof for her or
their own sole and separate use and benefit exclusive of the control debts or
engagements of her said present or any future husband And from and immediately
after the decease of my said Sister Elizabeth Clark I give and bequeath the said
messuage or tenement with the appurtenances unto my said cousin Thomas Sanford
his heirs and assigns for ever And whereas under the Will of my late Father
William Sanford deceased I am entitled to the reversion in fee expectant upon the
Decease of the survivor or other the determination of the estate and interest of my said
Sister Elizabeth Clark and her husband Elijah Clark in and to a messuage or
Tenement and land formerly of Steward Hines situate in Fingringhoe aforesaid and
now or late in the occupation of the said Elijah Clark or his assigns And also of and
in a piece or parish of Land containing about three acres lying behind the same
formerly Sir James Affleck Now I hereby give and devise all such revision
fee and other estate and interest which I have or may be entitled to in the
Premises so devised to me as aforesaid unto my cousin James Mason his heirs
Assigns for ever And I give and devise unto my said cousin Thomas Sanford and
to his heirs and assigns for ever All that messuage or tenement and farm with the
Several pieces or parcels of Land held therewith with the appurtenances situate in
Fingringhoe aforesaid containing together seventy six acres or thereabouts now in
the occupation of the said Elijah Clark or his assigns and which premises were
also devised to me by the Will of my late Father Subject however to the several
Annuities or yearly rent charged of fifty pounds and fifty shillings thereon charged
treated by the will of my said late Father provided always and I do hereby declare
that the Trustees and Executors of this my will or either of them or their respective exors or
administrators shall not be answerable or accountable for more of the trust monies
than they shall respectively actually receive notwithstanding they may join in any receipt or receipts for the sake of conformity nor with or for any less or deduction which may happen of
the same or any part thereof so as such loss happen without their wilful neglect or
default Nor the one for the other of them or for the acts deeds receipts disbursemants
neglect or default of the other of them but each for himself only And also it shall be
lawful for my Trustees and Executors their executors or admors by and out of the said
trust monies to deduct and reimburse themselves and allow or pay to his co trustee
all such costs charges and expenses as he or they shall or may sustain expend or be
put unto in or about the execution of the trusts of this my will And lastly I do
hereby nominate constitute and appoint the aforesaid Thomas Sanford and James
Mason Executors of this my will In Witness whereof I the said William
Sanford the testator have to this my last will and Testament contained in three
sheets of paper set my hand to the first two sheets my hand and seal to this third
last sheet and my seal to the label by which they are affixed this seventeenth day
of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two
Wm Sanford Signed sealed published and declared by the said William
Sanford the testator as and for his last will and Testament in our presence who
In his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto
Subscribed our names as witnesses – Maria Wittey – Saml Wittey –
Saml Wittey Junr
Proved at London the 29th March 1833 before the Judge by the oaths of Thomas
Sanford James WilliamMason ( in the will written James Mason /the Executors
to whom Admon was granted having been first sworn by Comon duly to administer


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