Hamilton Road Deed (1842-1893)

Disposal of two lots abutting on the New Road built between Brook Street and the Great Eastern Railway Line

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Plan attached to Conveyance of lots 15 and 16 (later Hamilton Rd) dated 14 March 1893
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14 March 1893

J. G. Chamberlain Esquire to Mr Dick Ham

Conveyance of two plots of Freehold land situate at Wivenhoe in the County of Essex

Wittey & Denton, Colchester

This Indenture made the Fourteenth day of March One thousand eight hundred and ninety three

Between John Green Chamberlain formerly of Wivenhoe in the County of Essex (but now of Colchester in the same County) Esquire of the one part and Dick Ham of Wivenhoe aforesaid Auctioneer of the other part

Whereas John Green Chamberlain (father of the said John Green Chamberlain party hereto) late of Wivenhoe aforesaid died on the Thirteenth day of March One thousand eight hundred and sixty having made his Will dated the Twenty seventh day of January One thousand eight hundred and forty six and proved in the Ipswich District Registry of Her Majesty’s Court of Probate on the Twenty second day of May One thousand eight hundred and sixty whereby he devised unto his only child John Green Chamberlain party hereto and his heirs

All his freehold and copyhold and other real Estate whatsoever and wheresoever (except the small piece of ground late part of Turpins premises which he had agreed to sell to John Pratt and such other premises as he might by that his Will direct or authorise to be [illegible] upon his decease but not including the premises intended to be hereby conveyed

And Whereas the said John Green Chamberlain has agreed to sell to the said Dick Ham the hereditaments hereinafter described and the inheritance in fee simple in possession free from incumbrances at the price of Fifty pounds

Now this Indenture witnesseth that in pursuance of the said agreement and in consideration of the sum of Fifty pounds to the said John Green Chamberlain paid by the said Dick Ham on or before the executors hereof (the receipt whereof the said John Green Chamberlain doth hereby acknowledge) the said John Green Chamberlain as beneficial owner doth hereby convey unto the said Dick Ham and his heirs

All those two pieces or parcels of land situate in the Parish of Wivenhoe aforesaid and abutting upon a new road recently constructed from Brook Street to the Great Eastern Railway Company’s Line from Wivenhoe aforesaid to Walton on the Naze as the same formed Lots 15 and 16 at a recent Sale by Auction of the said premises and are with the boundaries and abuttals more particularly delineated in the Plan drawn on these presents and therein coloured pink

To hold the same unto and To the use of the said Dick Ham in fee simple

And the said Dick Ham hereby covenants with the said John Green Chamberlain that he will observe and perform the said conditions and stipulations set forth in the Schedule hereto

And the said John Green Chamberlain hereby acknowledges the right of the said Dick Ham to production of a certain Indenture of Conveyance dated the Twentieth day of June One thousand eight hundred and forty two and made between Benjamin Smith and Sarah his wife of the first part and John Green Chamberlain (the father of the said John Green Chamberlain party hereto) of the second part William Hawkins of the third part and Henry Wittey of the fourth part and to the delivery of copies thereof and hereby undertakes the safe custody thereof

In Witness thereof the said parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and seal the day and year first before written

The  Schedule above referred to

  1. Each Purchaser shall observe and keep to the boundary lines as shown on the said plan
  2. Each Purchaser of the lot or lots purchased by him within three months from the completion of  the purchase make and for ever after maintain the fences on the soil of such lot of lots marked T within the boundary line such fences to be made by sufficient bricks or close pale fence of not less than five feet above the ground but if any shall remain unsold the Vendor is not bound to put up any fence

Signed sealed and delivered by the before named John Green Chamberlain

John Green Chamberlain 

in the presence of

Henry N. Elwes 

Sol. Colchester

[Transcribed by Pat Marsden, January 2020, from copies supplied by the owner]

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  • Gable Villa 1 Hamilton Road was I believe built on plot 16. My maternal grandmother – the Ablitts lived there for many years

    By Graham Wadley (07/01/2020)

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