Early Deed for 18 Stanley Road (1899)

Land originally part of the Manor of Wivenhoe sold by Nicholas Caesar Corsellis Lawton to Ernest Stanley Beard on 16 March 1899

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Plan included in Stanley Road Deed 25 March 1899

Ernest Stanley Beard (Estate Agent) who purchased the manor of Wivenhoe from Nicholas Caesar Corsellis Lawton for £13,000 on 16 March 1899 sold a parcel of land (140 ft x 83ft) to Thomas Forsgate of Wivenhoe, a Master Mariner for £46 on 25 March 1899. This would later become 18 Stanley Road.

Indenture made the twenty fifth day of March One thousand eight hundred and ninety nine Between Ernest Stanley Beard of Colchester in the County of Essex Estate Agent (hereinafter called the Vendor) of the one part and Thomas Forsgate of Wivenhoe in the County of Essex Master Mariner (hereinafter called the Purchaser) of the other part Whereas the Vendor being seized of the hereditaments described in the First Schedule hereto for an estate of inheritance in fee simple in possession free from incumbrances has contracted with the Purchaser for the sale to him thereof for the sum of Forty six pounds subject to the Purchaser entering into the Covenants hereinafter contained Now this Indenture witnesseth that in consideration of Forty six pounds this day paid to the Vendor by the Purchaser (the receipt whereof the Vendor doth hereby acknowledge) the Vendor as beneficial owner doth hereby grant and convey unto the Purchaser his heirs and assigns The hereditaments and premises described in the First Schedule hereto To Hold the same unto and To the use of the Purchaser his heirs and assigns And the Vendor doth hereby acknowledge the right of the Purchaser to production of the document specified in the Second Schedule hereto and to delivery of copies thereof and doth hereby undertake for the safe custody thereof And the Purchaser for himself his heirs executors administrators and assigns and so as not only to bind himself his heirs executors administrators and assigns but also (so far as practicable) the premises hereinbefore expressed to be hereby granted and conveyed and the successive owners and tenants thereof doth hereby Covenant with the Vendor his heirs and assigns that the Purchaser his heirs and assigns will at all times observe perform ? and keep the stipulations specified in the Third Schedule hereto In Witness whereof the said Parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written

The First Schedule hereinafter referred to

All that piece of land in the parish of Wivenhoe in the County of Essex As the same is more particularly delineated on the plan drawn hereon and therein coloured pink

The Second Schedule hereinbefore referred to

16th March 1899 Indenture of Conveyance between Nicholas Caesar Corsellis Lawton of the one part and the Vendor of the other part

The Third Schedule hereinbefore referred to

The Purchaser shall within one month from the date hereof make and for ever after maintain a sufficient boundary fence on the sides of the land hereby conveyed marked T on the said plan
The building lines shown on the said plan shall be observed and the erection or Building is to be erected or built between the said building line and the Road in front of the lot except bay windows porticos and fences and such fences shall not exceed four feet in height
No Building erected or to be erected on the premises sold shall be used as a Public House Beershop or Licensed House or Fried Fish Shop
The premises sold shall not be let or sold for the use of Gypsy Caravans Tents or Camps under a penalty of Fifty Pounds for each offence such penalty to be paid to the Vendor
Signed sealed and delivered by the before named Ernest Stanley Beard in the presence of Charles Marshall Solicitor Colchester
Signed sealed and delivered by the before named Thomas Forsgate in the presence of William J. (?) Smith Clerk to C. H. T. Marshall Solicitor Colchester

Ernest Beard
T. Forsgate

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