Deed for 4, 6, and 8 Queens Road (1856-1951)

Three adjoining cottages in Greyhound Yard, Queens Road, where a former Maltings stood.

Pat Marsden

Plan in Accompanying Conveyance of 9 July 1951


31st Jul 1926 BY CONVEYANCE so dated and made between VIOLET GRACE SHAW KENNEDY wife of Frederic Shaw Kennedy of 29 Onslow Square London (vendor) (1) and ARTHUR VINSON of Alma Street Wivenhoe Essex baker (purchaser) (2)
RECITING that Edmund Round (Testator) late of 1 Harcourt Buildings Temple London and of Elaine Cottage Park Road Wivenhoe aforesaid Esquire Barrister was at date of death thereinbefore recited and of hereditaments described in 1st Schedule theretofore unencumbered estate in free simple in possession AND RECITING by will dated 15th April 1890 testator devised all his property to vendor absolutely
AND RECITING testator died on 24th December 1891 and said will was on 24th February 1892 proved in Principal Probate Registry by Herbert Riversdale Mansel Jones sole executor named therein
AND RECITING agreement for sale to purchaser for £105
AND RECITING by mortgage dated 20th November 1856 made between Amelia Buck Sanford and Edward Buck Sanford (1) and James Wickes (2) hereditament described in second schedule thereto where conveyed unto and to use of said J Wickes in fee simple by way of mortgage for securing payment of principal sum of £100 and interest
AND RECITING by divers mesne assurances [acts in law and events] and ultimately by Transfer dated 5th June 1893 and made between said H. R. M. Jones (1) and vendor (2) said principal mortgage debt of £100 and interest due and securities for same were assigned unto Vendor absolutely and said mortgaged hereditaments were thereby conveyed unto and to use of vendor in fee simple subject to corresponding right of redemption
AND RECITING by LPA 1925 said hereditaments vested on 1/1/26 in vendor for term of 3000 years from such date subject to proviso for cesser [neglect] corresponding right for redemption and legal estate in fee simple vested in mortgagor subject to said term
AND RECITING vendor in exercise of statutory power of sale had agreed with purchaser to sell fee simple of said hereditaments of £105
In consideration of £105 paid etc. (receipt acknowledged) V. B. O. thereby conveyed unto Purchaser
ALL the hereditaments described in 1st schedule thereto
TO HOLD same unto Purchaser in fee simple
In consideration of £105 paid etc. (receipt acknowledged) Vendor as mortgagee in exercise of power of sale conferred on her by statute and of all powers thereby conveyed unto purchaser
ALL the hereditaments described in 2nd schedule thereto
TO HOLD same unto Purchaser in fee simple freed from all right of redemption and from all claims whatsoever under mortgage
Certe as to value

Property not subject to this abstract (sold)

ALL those 3 (formerly 4) freehold cottages adjoining each or situate in Queens Road Wivenhoe aforesaid in a yard there where a malting formerly stood but had long since been demolished as same were in occupations of Pascoe and Fort and one unoccupied TOGETHER with the open yard in front of said cottages and all outhouses buildings ways waters watercourses drains and appurtenances to said cottages and premises belonging or in anywise appertaining and also a right of way to the pump standing in the north wall of the Greyhound premises to have and take water at all times on paying a quarter part of expense of keeping same in repair and also subject to a like right of way and passage over and across said open yard for tenants and occupiers of said Greyhound estate and the two cottages situate on the west of the open yard at all times with or without horses carts and carriages
EXECUTED by vendor and attested
4th July 1937 BY HIS WILL so dated said A. Vinson appointed his wife ELLEN MARY VINSON sole executor

16th Dec 1939 Said A. Vincent died

5th Feb 1940 PROBATE of said will granted out of Ipswich District Probate Registry to said E. M. Vinson of Alma Street aforesaid widow
Relict of deceased the sole executrix named in said will
MEMO: endorsed on Probate:-
BY an Assent dated 30th July 1940 w/n E. M. Vinson as PR of w/n A. Vincent assented to the vesting in herself for estate in fee simple of following:-
(inter alia) 4. Three cottages in Greyhound Yard Queens Road aforesaid occupied by Pascoe Thorp? and Bagley
30th July 1940 BY ASSENT so dated said E. M. Vinson as P.R. of said E. Vinson deceased assented to the vesting in herself of
ALL the property described in schedule thereto
For and estate in fee simple

(inter alia) 4. All those three cottages in Greyhound Yard Queens Road aforesaid in occupation of Pascoe Thorp? and Bagley
SIGNED by said E M Vinson and witnessed
Memo by conveyance dated 9th July 1950 three freehold cottages were conveyed to Allan Percy Chaney in fee simple (handwritten insert) then of Isonzo The Avenue Wivenhoe aforesaid
26th April 1951 BY POWER OF ATTORNEY so dated said E M Vinson appointed her brother in law Thomas Whyte of same address gent her attorney for her and in her name to do and execute all and any of the following acts deeds or things
(inter alia) 4. To sell mortgage lease or otherwise dispose of or deal with any real or leasehold property belonging to me including any such property to which she might be entitled jointly with another person or persons
9. To carry into effect and perform all agreements entered into by me with another person
13. Generally to act in relation to my estate and premises as fully and effectually in all respects as she herself could do
And she thereby undertook to ratify everything which her attorney or any substitute or substitutes or agent or agents appointed by him under power in that behalf thereinbefore contained should do or purport to do in virtue of that power of attorney and declared that power was not instt to which section.3 of the Evidence and Powers of Attorney Act
1940 applied
EXECUTED by E. M. Vincent

1951 BY STATUTORY DECLARATION so dated said T White declared that before abstracted power had not been revoked by death of said E. M. Vinson or otherwise
DECLARED by said T. White before a Commissioner for Oaths.

Transcribed by Pat Marsden and Sue Glasspool, 20 October 2010

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