The Wivenhoe Urban District Council was formed in 1898

It lasted until 1974 when local government was next reformed.

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Cllr William Loveless wearing the new badge of office in 1963
Picture photographed by Peter Hill

The Wivenhoe Urban District Council [WUDC] was formed in 1898. This form of local government was introduced as a result of the passing of the Local Government Act 1894 which abolished the old system of management of communities as Wivenhoe by a Vestry committee.  Now people were elected to serve and were held accountable at least in theory by the ballot box.

Listed below are the names of all people who served Wivenhoe as Chairmen until 1974 when local government was restructured. At that time, many services performed by WUDC were consolidated into Colchester Borough Council and Wivenhoe Town Council was formed as the successor to WUDC with reduced responsibilities.  

For more photographs of former WUDC Councillors – click here

         Chairmen of Wivenhoe Urban District Council   1898 – 1974
1898-1899A.K. Barlow1936-1937P.J. Chaney
1899-1900A.K. Barlow1937-1938O.S. Pawsey
1900-1901A.K. Barlow1938-1939W.G. Loveless
1901-1902A.K. Barlow1939-1940E.J. Green
1902-1903A.K. Barlow1940-1941O.S. Pawsey
1903-1904A.K. Barlow1941-1942O.S. Pawsey
1904-1905A.K. Barlow1942-1943O.S. Pawsey
1905-1906A.K. Barlow1943-1944O.S. Pawsey
1906-1907A.K. Barlow1944-1945O.S. Pawsey
1907-1908H.O. Rice1945-1946O.S. Pawsey
1908-1909H.O. Rice1946-1947F.J. Coffin
1909-1910H.O. Rice1947-1948E.J. Hill
1910-1911H.O. Rice1948-1949W.G. Loveless
1911-1912W.G. Pullen1949-1950W.J. Cracknell
1912-1913A.K. Barlow1950-1951P.J. Chaney
1913-1914J.A.F. Goodwin1951-1952W.J. Bull
1914-1915E.H. Squire1952-1953W.G. Loveless
1915-1916J. Worsp1953-1954W.G. Loveless
1916-1917A. Vinson1954-1955L.F. Beckwith
1917-1918H.L. Wright1955-1956Miss B.A. Grasby
1918-1919H.L. Wright1956-1957P.J. Chaney
1919-1920J.A. Fale1957-1958W.H.J. Gore
1920-1921H. Hook1958-1959W.J. Cracknell
1921-1922C.G. Schofield1959-1960A.E. Bowes
1922-1923A.G. Scales1960-1961W.J. Bull
1923-1924W.G. Barrell1961-1962Miss B.A. Grasby
1924-1925P.J. Chaney1962-1963W.J. Cracknell
1925-1926H. Hook1963-1964W.G. Loveless
1926-1927W.C. Barrell1964-1965P.J. Chaney
1927-1928F. Watsham1965-1966T.M. Endean
1928-1929P.J. Chaney1966-1967E.E.J. Westlake
1929-1930H. Hook1967-1968L.W. Kemble
1930-1931H. Hook1968-1969Miss B.A. Grasby
1931-1932H. Hook1969-1970W.J. Cracknell
932-1933H. Hook1970-1971W. Sparrow
1933-1934H. Hook1971-1972E.J. Hatch
1934-1935A.E. Bowes1972-1973T.M. Endean
1935-1936W.C. Barrell/E.J. Green1973-1974 E.E.J. Westlake
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