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Wills which have been transcribed and are on this website.

These documents have been transcribed by a number of people. 

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Name DocumentDate Made
 Alston Edward              Will of Edward AlstonWill
Baldwin Sarah                Will of Sarah BaldwinWill
Barnsley William           Will of William BarnsleyWill1697
Bundish Robert             Will of Robert BundishWill16881688
Browne William             Will of William Browne 1834Will18341834
Brummell Anne             Anne Brummell’s Will 1854Will18541857
Carter Jonathan             Jonathan Carter’s Will 1765Will17651765
Chamberlain John         Will of John ChamberlainWill17421742
Coney William               Will of William ConeyWill18501857
Corsellis Caroline          Will of Caroline Corsellis 1774-1850Will18441850
Corsellis Cesare            Cesare Corsellis 1767 – 1801Letter17991801
Corsellis Frances           Will of Frances Corsellis nee Child 1717 – 1759Will17591759
Corsellis Maria               Will of Maria Corsellis 1854Will18511854
Corsellis Mary                Will of Mary Corsellis 1747 – 1821Will18131821
Corsellis Nicholas C.     Nicholas Caesar Corsellis d. 1806Will17891806
Corsellis Nicholas         Will of Nicholas Corsellis IVWill17601761
Corsellis Nicholas         Will of Rev Nicholas Corsellis VWill18171826
Corsellis N C                  Will of Nicholas Caesar Corsellis VIWill18301833
Corsellis Thomas          Thomas Corsellis 1772 – 1845Will18441845
Dye Ann                          Will of Ann DyeWill1781
Dynes Johannis              Will of Johannis DynesWill1717
Edwards George           Will of George Edwards, Esquire, Royal Navy 1751-1797Will17971797
Espinasses John            Will of John Espinasses 14 July 1726Will17261726
Feedam Edward           Will of Edward Feedam 1690-1731Will17261726
Feedam James              Will of James FeedhamWill1714
Feedam Jonathan         Will of Jonathan Feedham 1718Will17171718
Firmin Benjamin           Will of Benjamin FirminWill18361838
Flack Horace                  Will of Horace FlackWill1750
Foote HenryWill15951595
Gill Susannah                Will of Susannah GillWill1787
Garland Henry              Henry Garland’s Will, Innkeeper, 19 May 1684Will1684
Goodwin Anne              Will of Anne GoodwinWill17511751
Ham Joseph                   Will of Joseph HamWill1749
Harvey John                   Will of John HarveyWill1709
Harvey Daniel Capt      Captain Daniel Harvey’s Will 1787Will17871794
Hines Kezia                    Will of Kezia Hines 20 August 1880Will18801885
Hopkins John                 Will of John HopkinsWill17341734
Hopkins Michael           Will of Michael HopkinsWill17591764
Hopkins Robert             Will of Robert Hopkins 1698-1740Will17401740
Hopkins Robert             Will of Robert Hopkins 1729-1767Will17661767
Hopkins Thomas           Will of Thomas HopkinsWill17331734
Martin Joseph                Joseph Martin’s Will (Mariner) of 10 May 1852Will1836
King Francis                    Will of Francis King 1685Will1685
King Francis                    Will of Francis KingWill1730
King Mary                       Will of Mary King 1746Will17381746
King Mary                       Will of Mary KingWill17691773
King William                    Will of William KingWill1723
Long Mary                       Will of Mary LongWill1781
Martin George                Will of George MartinWill1684
Martin Mary Rebow      Will of Mary Rebow Martin 1751-1804Will17981804
Martin Mary                   Mary Martin’s Will 1703Will1703
Martin Mathew Capt    Captain Matthew Martin (1676 – 1749)Will17481749
Martin Samuel               Samuel Martin’s Will 1765Will17611765
Martin Sarah                  Will of Sarah Martin (1683-1738) made in 1722Will1722
Martin Thomas              Thomas Martin’s Will 28 July 1772Will1772
Martine Samuel             Samuel Martine’s Will dated 30 November 1689Will16891694
Neal Joseph                    Will of Joseph NealWill
Popps Mary                   Will of Mary PoppsWill17971802
Popps William                Will of William Popps Dated 1789Will17891789
Potter Philip                   Will of Philip PotterWill1745
Rayner John                    Will of John RaynerWill1751
Rayner Adam                  Will of Adam RaynerWill1731
Rebow Georgina GurdonWill19001935
Rebow John Gurdon      Will of John Gurdon Rebow 1799-1870Will18451870
Rebow Isaac Lemyn       Will of Isaac Lemyng Rebow 1734Will17341734
Rebow Isaac Sir              Will of Sir Isaac Rebow d. 1726Will17261726
Rebow Mary Hester Slater  Will of Mary Hester Slater Rebow 1777-1834Will18271834
Rebow Mary Martin Ormsby DameWill18351842
Reid George                    George Reid’s Will 1819-1822Will1819
Sage Edward                    Will of Edward SageWill18021810
Sage Edward                   Will of Edward Sage (Probate 11 March 1817)Will1816
Sanford Benjamin          Will of Benjamin Sanford 1752-1840Will18331840
Sanford John                   Will of John Sanford 1715-1779Will17771779
Sanford Mary Ann          Will of Mary Ann Sanford 1792-1873Will18721873
Sanford Thomas             Will of Thomas Sanford 1782-1858Will18581858
Sanford William              Will of William Sanford 1749-1830Will18291830
Sanford William              Will of William Sanford 1775-1833Will18321833
Slann William                  Will of William SlannWill1734
Smith Benjamin              Benjamin Smith’s Will 15 July 1840Will18401843
Stacey Benjamin            Will of Benjamin StaceyWill18271828
Taylor Anthony               Will of Anthony Tailor (Taylor) died circa 1600Will1600
Thomas John                  Will of John Thomas, Yeoman, 1809 – 1813Will1809
Venstree John                John Venstree of Wivenhoe 1591Will1591
Wade Samuel                Will of Samuel William Cardinal WadeWill1847
Whitley William               Will of William WhitleyWill1721
Wood Thomas               Will of Thomas WoodWill
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