Elizabeth ROBINS of Walworth late Wivenhoe, Widow, 1801. PROB 11/1354/176

This is the last Will
and Testament of me Elizabeth Robins late of
Wivenhoe in the county of Essex but now of
Walworth in the county of Surrey Widow first
I direct that all my just Debts Funeral and
Testamentary charges and expences may be
fully paid and satisfied by my Executors and
executrix hereinafter named and after payment
thereof I give and bequeath unto my Grandsons
William Douglas Hopkins Martin Edward
Hopkins Charles Appleby Hopkins Frederick Samuel
Hopkins Alexander Bowen Hopkins and Edmund
Gray Hopkins the sum of ten pounds a piece
the same to be paid to or retained by their
Father Martin Hopkins of Walworth aforesaid
Gentleman within three months next after
my decease to be applied and disposed of as
he shall think fit for their use also I give
and bequeath unto Edmund Adams of [?]
Now Walworth aforesaid Gentleman the said
Martin Hopkins and my daughter Sarah
Ann his wife the sum of Ten pounds to be paid
out by them in the purchase of Rings to be
distributed among such of my Friends as they
may think fit all the rest residue & remainder
of my Estate and Effects of whatsoever nature
the same may be and which I may be
possessed of interested or intitled unto at the
time of my decease I do hereby give and
bequeath unto the said Edmund Adams
Martin Hopkins and Sarah Ann his Wife
upon trust that they or the Survivors or
survivor of them or the Executors or admors
of such Survivor shall and do so soon
as conveniently may be after my decease sell
and dispose of such part thereof as shall
consist of Short Annuities or any thing
which shall be in its nature Saleable and
convert the same into money (except such
part of my Estate as shall consist of Four per
Cent Annuities and after paying and satisfying
my Debts Funeral and Testamentary charges
expences and the legacies given by this my Will

to lay out and invest the same in the purchase
of government Four pounds per Cent Annuities
and to divide the whole amount of the residue
of my said property when so invested and laid
out or to consider the same as divided into
four equal parts and when and as either of
my four Grand Daughters Marianne Hopkins
Harriett Cockerell Hopkins Julia Hopkins and
Louisa Hopkins shall attain her age of twenty
one years to pay and transfer into her own
equal fourth part of the said Stock and the
accumulation of such part as after mentioned
to and for her own proper use and benefit
and my mind is and I do hear by declare that
during the minority of each of my said Grand
Daughters the Interest Dividends and proceeds
of her share of the said Stock shall be laid out
and invested when and as the same shall
be received in the purchase of other Four per
Cent Annuities so that the same may
continue to accumulate until she shall
attain her said age of twenty one years when
the whole of such share and the accumulation
thereof is to be transferred and paid to her as
aforesaid and my will is and I do hereby
further Declare that in Case any or either of
I said Grand Daughters shall happen to
die under the age of twenty one years that
her or their fourth part or parts of such stock
with the accumulation thereof shall go to
and be divided amongst the Survivors of
them if more than one in equal shares and
proportions and if but one shall live to attain
the age of twenty one years then to such
Surviving Granddaughter her Executors
Administrators and assigns and I do hereby
Also declare that it shall be lawful for my
said Trustees and each of them their Executors
and administrators to retain repay all sums
reimburse him her or themselves out of the
said Trust monies all such loss costs charges
and expenses which they or any of them
shall be put to in the execution of the trusts hereby
in them reposed and that neither of them shall
be accountable for the acts of the others of them
or for more money than shall come to each of
their respective hands and I do hereby nominate
constitute and appoint the said Edmund Adams
Martin Hopkins and Sarah and his wife
Executors and executrix of this my Will hereby
revoking and making void all former and
other Wills by me at any time heretofore made

And declare this alone to be and to contain my
only true last Will and Testament in witness
whereof I the said Elizabeth Robbins the
Testatrix have hereunto set my hand and
seal (that is to say) my hand to the first sheet
and my hand and seal to this second and
last sheet the third day of December in the
Year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred

Elizabeth Robins  Signed Sealed
Published and Declared by the said Elizabeth
Robins the Testatrix as and for her last Will
and Testament in the presence of us who in her
presence at her request and in the presence
of each other have hereunto subscribed our
names as Witnesses

Sarah Staples
John Clutton Atty at Law Walworth

This will was proved at London the
twenty fifth day of February in the year of
Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and
one before the worshipful Charles Coote Doctor
of laws Surrogate of the Right Honorable
Sir William Mcguire Knight also Doctor of
Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the
prerogative court of Canterbury lawfully
Constituted by the oaths of Edmond Adams
Martin Hopkins and Sarah Ann Hopkins (wife
of the said martin Hopkins) the daughter
of the Deceased and Executors named in the
Will to whom administration was granted of
all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits
of the said deceased having been first sworn
duly to Admr.

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