Samuel SARGENT of Wivenhoe, Blacksmith. PROB 11/1265/41

In the Name of God Amen
I Samuel Sargent of Wivenhoe in the County of Essex
Blacksmith being weak in Body but of sound and disposing
Mind Memory and Understanding thanks be given to
Almighty God for the same do make this my last Will
and Testament in manner following (that is to say)
First I commend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God
my Creator hoping through the Merits of Jesus Christ
my Redeemer to obtain Remission of all my sins
and my Body I commit to the Earth to be decently
buried at the Discretion of my Executives hereinafter
named And as to the Temporal Estate wherewith it

hath pleased God to bless me I dispose thereof in
the following manner I give and devise unto my
loving Wife Hannah Sargent All that my Copyhold
Messuage or Tenement and Blacksmiths Shop with
the Yards Gardens and appertenances thereto belonging situate
lying and being and Wivenhoe aforesaid and now in
my Occupation holden of the Manor of Wivenhoe by
Copy of Court Roll and which I have duly surrendered
to the use of my Will To hold the same with the
appertenances unto my said Wife and her Assigns for
and during the term of her natural Life she
keeping all and singular the said premises in good
and tenantable Repair and from and immediately
after my said Wifes decease I order and Direct my
said Coyhold Message or Tenement Blacksmiths
Shop and hereditaments to be sold by my Executor
herein after named his Executors or Administrators for
the best Price and most Money that can be gotten for
the same and I also will at Direct that the Receipt
of my said Executor his Executors or Administrators
shall be a good and sufficient discharge to the
purchaser thereof for so much of the purchase money
as shall be comprised in such Receipt and that after
Payment of the purchase Money to my said Executor
or to his Executors or Administrators such
purchaser shall not be answerable report or accountable
for any Loss Misapplication or Nonapplication thereof
or of any part thereof but shall be absolutely discharged
therefrom and the Money arising by sale of my said
Copyhold Messuage or Tenement Blacksmiths Shop
and hereditaments after deducting and paying thereout
the necessary Expenses attending such sale I give and
bequeath to be equally divided between my two
Children Samuel and Mary Sargeant at their respective
attainments of the age of twenty one years and in
the mean time and until my said Children shall
respectively attain the said Age of twenty one years
I will and direct that the part or share of such of
my said Children as shall be under that age at
the time of the sale of my said Copyhold Estate
shall be placed out by my Executor his Executors or
Administrators on Government or Real Security and the
Dividends Interests and proceed thereof to be applied for
and towards his her or their maintenance during his
her or their minority also I give and bequeath unto
my said Wife all my household Goods and Furniture Plate
Linen and China and also all my stock in Trade ready
Money Book Debts and all other my Personal Estate
and Effects whatsoever and wherever (Except One
hundred and Fifty pounds stock I have or expect soon to
have in the consolidated three per cent annuities which
stock I hereby order and Direct shall remain in the same

Stock or Fund and the Dividends Interests and Proceeds
thereof to accumulate until my said Son shall attain
the age of Fourteen years at which time or at the
time the dividends and interest there of shall become
due and payable next after my said son shall attain
the said age of Fourteen years I will that such
dividends interests and proceeds as shall have so accumulated
shall be received by my Executors or the survivor of
them or the Executors or Administrators of such survivor
and applied in binding out my said son Apprentice to
some proper Trade or calling other than a Blacksmith
which it is my particular wish and desire he should
not be brought up to and that from and after my said
son shall be bound out apprentice as aforesaid I will
and direct that the dividends interest and proceed of
the said One hundred and Fifty pounds stock shall be
applied for the and towards the cloathing and bringing up
of my said two Children until my said daughter shall
attain the age of twenty one years and which time
I give and bequeath the said one hundred and fifty
pounds stock to be equally divided between my said two
children share and share alike and lastly I do hereby
make nominate constitute and appoint my Brother in
Law Benjamin Ham of Wivenhoe aforesaid Farmer and
my said Wife Executor and Executrix of this by Will
and hereby revoking and making void all former and
other Will and Wills by me at any time heretofore
made I publish and declare this to be my last Will
and Testament In Witness whereof I the said Samuel
Sargent the Testator to this my last will and testament
contained in two sheets of paper have to each sheet
set my hand and Seal this twenty fourth day of April
in the year of our Lord one thousan and seven hundred
and ninety five Saml Sargeant Signed Sealed published
and declared by the said Samuel Sergeant as
and for his last Will and Testament in the presence
of us who in his presence and his request and in
the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed
our Names as Witnesses Robt Plume Thos Riddesdell
Wm Mason

This will was proved at London the thirteenth
day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven
hundred and ninety five before the Right Sir
William Wynne Knight Doctor of Laws Master Keeper
Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterburry lawfuly
constituted by the Oaths of Benjamin Ham and Hannah
Sargent Widow the Relict of the deceased and the Executors
named in the said Will to whom Administration was
granted of all in singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the
said deceased having been first sworn by comon duly to administer.

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